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piratejabez: "Clarity adjustment is a powerful tool for achieving desirable results especially in women and children’s portraits." Hmm.....

:D :D :D
My girlfriend threatens to smack Me in the head every time I add clarity to her portraits. Women, including those entirely uninitiated in matters of photography, somehow instinctively know to hate the Clarity slider. Children - less so.

That said, to Me a Clarity slider (in LightRoom) is absolutely indispensable - even more so with Fuji files than with, say, Sony's.

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M Chambers: What's the price point on this? Obviously, not cheap.

Also of note is the RotoLight Aeos / Anova Pro. Not cheap, but certainly more affordable than all but Godox. Have a rather limited use (won;t overpower the sun, that's certain) and a discouragingly sparse range of modifiers, but do render quality light in studio or outside on severely overcast days.

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M Chambers: What's the price point on this? Obviously, not cheap.

€3500 (or thereabouts) for a single-head kit.
Limited Fuji compatibility (it will trigger the flash given the Skyport doesn't die on you on the second shoot, as it generally tends to - but won't do things like HSS, etc. - I imagine).
Comes with a nice case, is more weather resistant than, say, the Quadra (and I imagine less prone to breaking), but still looks to be made of plastic.

Had I the money, I'd go for a Broncolor Siros 800 L (half a stop less powerful, but better built, cable-free, much more reliable). Also terribly expensive (at €5000+ for a dual-head Siros L one could buy an EBL1200 plus 3 heads and a couple of affordable modifiers).
Best value is, indeed, FlashPoint / Godox (again, limited Fuji compatibility) - not as reputable or reliable as Broncolor or Briese, but not as ridiculously expensive as any one of the above, either.

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What a beauty! I wish I should afford one.

I imagine, no sane person will any of the traditional style medium-format cameras now, especially given the price (and the weight, and the design aesthetics - or lack thereof).

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Goes to show that the dinosaur called Nikon (the same applies for Canon, just to a lesser extent) has zero interest in innovation and no regard for the prosumer / professional fed up with the pre-mirrorless convention.

Difficult to regret My move to Sony [A7r] in late 2013, save for the ridiculously high prices of their bodies, lenses, hotshoe flashes, the lack of GPS and the abominably lacking battery life.
What Sony, Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus are doing, is fascinating. Replace the dinosaurs in Nikon and Canon already…

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G15 review (337 comments in total)

An ugly camera, just as ugly as all of its predecessors.

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On article Just Posted: Hands-on Canon EOS 6D preview (589 comments in total)

Why hasn't the 5D III built-in GPS and WiFi, for Goodness' sake! Does Canon assume one will buy a 5D III for all of its advantages and a 6D for the couple of 6D-specific features missing in the more expensive 5D III? How idiotic!
This is one reason I'm seriously reconsidering my former plan of upgrading to 5D III (from 5D II). Intentionally excluding features from 'higher=end" cameras and including them in lower-end ones a few months later is entirely unacceptable.
So, thank you, Canon. No 5D III for me. I'll wait for its successor, hoping for a better sensor, integrated high-sensitivity GPS chip, Wi-Fi, faster flash sync speeds, resolution of the rolling shutter issue, integrated flash, external flash firing (radio, not IR!) capability without a need of add-ons, proper waterproofing.
If not, than bye-bye, Canon…

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Pentax must have had lost common sense (not that they ever had it in abundance): who on earth will go for a small-sensor camera the size of its APSC-sensor competition! That said, physically this Olympus E-series copycat doesn't look too bad.

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