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How stupid is this!!!

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Jen003: Such cute chicks so well captured.

Thank you; this is one of my most favorite shots ever.

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Why not turn to the left three times and right once to submit the photo.

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Windancer: I guess people have to understand what is and isn't macro. There were some very good photos but unfortunately they were not macro. Micheal did give examples when he said "For example, one definition of a macro photo is that the final print is larger than life - with this definition, you could take a selfie of your face and buy and place it on a road side billboard - then your face would be larger than life on the final print! So please consider this - as folks have commented on other people's entries in the past and said, "that is not a macro photo!" Read this article to further understand that there are many definitions of a Macro photo:"

I mean no disrespect to any one who may have entered, but my voting is reflected as to what is and isn't macro.

Totally agree with you!!!!!

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not a macro shot!

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View of a waterfall from the top

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very good!!!!!

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My first question is WHY?

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Again and again!!!!!

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The two main points of focus in this pic have total pixal blowout! #1?

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This challange is about following rules; not being creative. Might as well the photo taken on the first Monday of the month at 12 PM!!

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Deleted pending purge: Actually the alarmingly great percentage of works shows that people simply won't read the rules, although the requirements are clearly self-explaining in the Challenge title already.
- There are entries which are not silhouettes but merely profiles.
- There are also those which aren't portraits (by any definition) but whole figures, even groups of people.
Those should IMHO have been DQ'd in order to make place or a chance for a replacement, instead of getting a chance to be voted upon.
Now, if pictures which are not silhouettes and/or not portraits are included in the vote mathematics, these would negatively influence the outcome for those entrants who obeyed the propositions of the Challenge...

100% in agreement...these challanges are getting to be absured. Most of them "Who Cares" when the rules are not followed or the subject matter is vile.

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