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Shlomo Goldwasser: You say the family is the rightful owner at the end, yet , unless its a stolen camera, the rightful owner is the person who bought it from the thrift shop.

Would be interesting to know why this camera ended up in a thrift shop, and why the undeveloped film wad still in the camera. I mean, not getting these photos with this subject matter developed seems odd...

no the rightful owner is the person the item was stolen from. ask a cop or pawn shop owner

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hlritter: The editor in me can't help pointing out that the misapprehended term in the second sentence of the story is not "B-line" but "beeline", meaning a straight line between two places. Per the Oxford English Dictionary, "with reference to the straight line supposedly taken instinctively by a bee when returning to the hive." In other words, the finder goes directly to the used-camera section whenever she enters a thrift store.

i can't help writing if you read other posts it was noted days before in a more concise version
what we should know is how the camera made it to a thrift store

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i guess we know what camera DPR likes

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that was a humorous low budget attempt to bring tourism to his town. having been to switzerland i'd go again... anytime

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NaBalam: I just jump to wich camera should I buy and be done with it :-/

jump to 'conclusion' or 'which is rated best' then go to other sites and read their reviews then keep the camera i already have

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On article Roadtrip Review Redux: The Fujifilm X100F (173 comments in total)

i see absolutely nothing special about any of those pics, not that rx100m3 is perfect and has close-up issues with reds, i'll keep it a while longer

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LJohnK2: Two things that perplex me......who actually uses compacts like this anymore ?.....when I am on vacation I see in oder of frequency Canon Rebel DSLRs, cell phones and Olympus Tough Waterproof compacts....can't remember the last time I saw anyone with a compact and why oh why do they pack so many MP onto a tiny sensor, surely the marketing folks could think of a better angle to sell HQ compacts with actually decent IQ, particularly since sales have bottomed in this market segment....could only imagine how good compacts could be if the used current sensor technology for 7 MP coupled to one of these compact lenses.

who actually wants to lug around a big heavy dslr and lenses any more? i rather sony rx100 and enjoy my vacation instead of spending time for that perfect shot that you can enlarge to billboard size that no one will see...

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all that and only $399 bargain....

and a 3 Megapixel* CMOS sensor ???

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uh ohhh sony is going to have to drop the price on their rx series

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Slouch Hooligan: Sony, please divert some resources to the usability issue. There are highly skilled usability experts in the web development field who could help you to rationalize and streamline your user interface.
As it stands now the most common criticisms of your otherwise excellent RX line are:

1. The worst menu system in the industry.
2. Lack of touchscreen control.

all depends what menu system youre use to. like everything in life
lemme know when a manufacturer makes the perfect camera. theyve only been making them about 200 years

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On article Hands-on with the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V (234 comments in total)
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Khun_K: The original RX100 used to be my travel companion until that position replaced with iPhone until now. I have photographed for many years and use many different cameras of all sizes, the RX100 reminds me the Contax T2/T3 and Contax TVS which were my favorite pocket camera except even a bit smaller and much more versatile. The RX100 V is without question very attractive, SONY has in recent years delivered some best cameras, such as A7R2 & RX1R2 that I own and use a lot, among others. RX100V will be a tough one for me, particular now iPhone 7+ is available, not that iPhone image quality will be comparable, certainly not, but most often enough for many situations and more spontaneous. And for some particular situation, RX1R2 is usually the next most close one to me.

i dont need a touchscreen hence not a necessity. i dont need to change the settings for every shot

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On article UPDATED: Sony RX100 Mark V real-world samples (275 comments in total)

as long as people pay the price, the price will stay there or as you see, go up
funny how the comments here show many expect the perfect camera

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iCrap iJoke iJunk iLemming iCopycatandroid iLameupgrades i$$$ iRunoutofideas

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Archiver: For years, I stayed away from mobile phones, but had to get one in the mid 2000's due to work. I stayed with Sony Ericsson button phones for as long as I could, and went to a HTC smartphone in the early 2010's.

Now I use a Samsung Note 4, and I use it for everything. Online browsing, weather data, watching films, reading e-books, online chat, and the occasional picture. But only if I don't have a dedicated camera in my pocket, which is almost never.

When mainstream phones get the same or better image quality of the Panasonic LX7, and the much more responsive operation of a decent camera, then I'll start taking them seriously as cameras.

i still use a NOTE 3 with removable extended battery AND sdcard running rooted reason to 'upgrade'

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ill give you 10 reasons NOT TO CARE
its a phone not a camera and made for lemmings. there 10 'words'

android for those with a mind of their own

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my note 3 w/rooted lollipop runs just fine and keeping it since i can use a larger battery and sdcard and from what i've seen there's very little difference in size from the newest edge and note and a stylus is really pretty much not used. i vote the edge in the future if the battery can be replaced with a bigger one (unless battery life is improved even more) and sd cards are able to be used again

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i returned mine too heavy to carry around, and my sony takes pics just as good if not better for the price...yEeHaW !!!

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i carry that 800mm everywhere i go.
don't have a nikon camera but it makes me look geeky and know one knows any better.

you would think the iss would have remote camera(s) mounted outside of the iss kinda like in a turret and able to maneuver as commanded.

like a U2 or SR71....maybe there is......

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2485 comments in total)
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aerorail: why is 82% a silver award for some cameras and also a gold award for others?

sooo, i think we can deduce all cameras presented on dpr takes very good photos. so all should receive 50%
poor ergonomics -10%
good ergonomics +10%
poor video -5%
good video +10%
popular brand name +/-10%
viewers who claimed they own it before its released +/- 20%

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2485 comments in total)
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Rdices: I'm so looking forward to trying this camera. I haven't been this excited about a camera in a long time. When I suffered a neck / back injury I was not able to carry along a large DSLR and now we are finally getting quality smaller cameras.

there have been quality small cameras for a decade or longer

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