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About me:

After having spent time with both Z6 and Z50, I am happy with the size, weight and the performance of Z50 and 16-50. And Z50 has built-in flash. (less to carry)

Nikon1 = V1 + 10mm
Cameras = Z50, d7200
Lenses F = 10-20 AF-P, 18-55 AF-P, 70-300 DX AF-P, 70-300 FX AF-P, 35 DX 1.8G, 60 2.8G Micro, Sigma 28 1.4 ART, Tokina 100 Micro AF-D
Lenses Z = 16-50z, 50-250z, 24DX1.7z, 40z, 24-70z, 50z

Walk around / Hiking
V1 + 10mm / wrist strap / Tamrac small camera pouch
Z50 + 16-50 / Peak Design Clutch / Promaster Large Adv. Compact Case (9470)

Z50, 10-20 AF-P, 16-50, 50-250, 24DX1.7, Slinger Alpine 190, Think Tank Pro Speed belt V3.0, Lens Changer pouches.

d7200 / Z50, 25-250z, 70-300 FX AF-P

d7200, 60 2.8G Micro, Tokina 100 Macro AF-D

Planned Future:
A reasonably compact and capable Z-FX body

Z-FX Transport: Nanuk 920 w/ shoulder strap or Northface Solaris40 and Tenba BYOB-13 / Lowepro BP-150

Promaster compact case:
-remove the inside velcro padding
-relocate rain cover to the side pocket (or put extra battery)
-place Z50+16-50 sideways with the lens pointing toward the front zipper pocket
-adjust for long shoulder strap and make an "L" with one side over the collar bone and the other over the hip bone for comfort.

d3300/d5500 (past bodies):
AF-P fully compatible, VR on/off possible in shooting menu (software)

AF-P fully compatible with 70-300 FX VR AF-P
- physical VR switch on the lens with OFF/NORMAL/SPORT settings

AF-P *NOT* fully compatible with 10-20 DX VR AF-P or 18-55 DX VR AF-P or 70-300 DX VR AF-P:
-VR is always on, NO menu or physical VR on/off switch on the lens

Benefits of Using the AF-ON Button for Autofocus:

AF-ON Setup d7200: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc_SM_H22lg


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