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On article Hands-on with the Pentax K-S1 (350 comments in total)

Looks like the illegitimate child of a K-01 and K3 with disco lights thrown in for good measure. Tech specs aren't bad, but the MSRP is a joke (like all of Ricoh's MSRPs)!

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On article Review in Progress: Pentax K-5 II and K-5 II S (70 comments in total)

My requests are for the following:
#1) Astrophotography with the K-IIs + O-GPS1
#2) AF Speed across AFS and AFC with K-5 and K-5II/IIs
#3) Low Light comparison with K-5II/7100/K-5

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RaZZ3R Death: Wouldnt it be possible to mount filters on the plastic thread of the lens hood ? It's really annoying that we can't use ND/Polarizer/Other filters with wide angle lenses where we need them the most :)

Vignetting is a real problem as are artifacts from any CPL filter you put on an UWA lens. I appreciate that the hood is removable, which means it can be replaced if it gets dinged (unlike some of the other UWA lenses with their fixed hoods).

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leoda: Reading a review of the Samyang 14mm, the comments were that the manual focusing (1) had a very short angle of rotation from closest to infinity and (2) the friction damping was virtually non existent so the manual focusing "feel" was not comfortable.

Does anyone have hands on manual focusing experience of the Samyang lenses? Would you comment on this ?

I own a Samyang 85/1.4 and its built like a tank. The throw is a good 150 degrees and its buttery smooth with nice dampening. It's a pleasure to use and produces some of the most amazing images. Focusing is a challenge <2.8 (as it is on any MF lens on a dSLR) but it is worth it. Either the 14mm is completely different or the reviewer was full of it because Samyang's have a definite reputation for having a user friendly throw and dampening.

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Simon97: Jpeg shooters will love the the high ISO performance. The already great D7000 is bested with the K30's better saturation, sharper detail and about the same noise at ISO 3200. If this camera lives up to its spec sheet, it will be the top pick. Pentax/Ricoh need to MARKET the darn thing!

IMHO, Pentax needs an entry level model unless the price on the K30 drops quite a bit. You can pick up a Canikon entry kit for around $500 these days. A good entry model will draw new shooters into your system.

The K-5 bested the D7000 didn't it back when it came out?

I agree with you on both the Marketing issue and the need for an entry-level camera. We're hearing rumors that a K-300 entry-level is coming at Photokina too.

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Essai: great sensor, tx to Sony. Too bad Pentax cant make decent zoom and a decent AF.

Do they still have problems with quality control with all the Vietnam products ?

Others have used that sensor and not gotten as much out of it as Pentax has with both the K-5 and K-30. Yes, Sony makes them but Pentax tunes them up!

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On article Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview (376 comments in total)

I appreciate Pentax-Ricoh's loyalty to the K-mount. That is a huge plus in their designs. This camera is designed to thrive with old manual glass. As for IQ, there are pics available online now from consumers to check out.

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