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  • They gave high praise to Canon's ability to AF on the eyes.  Their intend is not to bash Canon. They just want to be the first to release a review to boost their YouTube channel, way before they ...
  • Replied in 4K HQ
    4K HQ requires 8K sensor read out speed and will have the same overheating issue as 8K.
  • The smaller the aperture opening, the more time it takes for it to close down and open up again after shooting one frame.
  • Replied in Not with DPAF
    Canon DPAF looks to left and right to check for alignment of vertical lines. Doing cross type focus points requires either: (1) Quad pixel AF, or (2) dedicating half the pixel to looking up/down, ...
  • Lexar was a subsidiary of Micron and used Micron chips. In 2017, it was sold to Longsys, a Chinese company. I have no idea what chips they use.
  • You can remove the rear mount, cut short the barrel, get a used EF rear mount and try to mount/align it. The problem is that you may not have a way to focus the STM lens. Unlike USM, manual focus ...
  • Replied in One word, IBIS
    8-stop IBIS must allow free movement of 256 (2^8 ) pixels with accuracy of 1 pixel.  At 4um pixel size, that means free movement of 1 mm.  A heat pipe may not be flexible enough. The drag may ...
  • Replied in One word, IBIS
    IBIS keeps the sensor floating, isolating it from the body.  There is no efficient way to conduct heat from the sensor. Fan or heat sink can keep the outside of the body cool. But the sensor is ...
  • Any camera hardware that can shoot 45MP at 20 fps will give you 8K video.  You are not paying for any extra hardware. Obviously, Canon is not wasting our money on keeping the sensor cool in order ...
  • Replied in F1.2L RF lens
    The 50 & 85 f1.2L lens has no IS.  But they work with the IBIS to give 7 or 8 stops, a lot more than non-IS EF lens. So do the 28-70mm f2. Although they have no optical IS group, I think they have ...
  • Keeping GPS always on drains battery. All EOS cameras equipped with a Digic8 processor can keep constant Bluetooth connection with your smart phone running Canon's Camera Connect App. Whenever you ...
  • The aspect ratio of photo is 3:2, taller than video. Therefore it takes longer to read the extra rows.
  • Are you asking whether Canon will update its EOS Webcam Utility Beta for the R5/R6, so that you can use your new 8K camera for video conference?
  • The only way to mount one is to put the RF TC on first, then an RF-EF adaptor, then EF lens. Canon did not say whether they are compatible optically.  But I guess, with the RF-EF adaptor in ...
  • Adding an optical IS compensator group would make these F1.2 monsters even more heavy and cost $$$ more. I think Canon builds into them gyro sensors (similar to those in smart phones) so that they ...
  • Created discussion thread 100-500mm MTF chart from Canon Japan
    MTF of the new 100-500mm from Canon Japan website I think it is slightly better than the 100-400 at 100mm. But not as good at the long end (Apple & orange anyway). BTW, here is the MTF for the ...
  • A lens, Canon or 3rd party, can provide IS autonomously as long as the camera body is not trying to do the same. Imagine a shaky hand points the camera up, an IS lens will try to counteract it by ...
  • Real SW engineers write in C++, a lot more efficient.

  • Coordinating optical IS in the lens and IBIS on the R5/R6 takes a lot of communication bandwidth. The lens and the camera have to know what the other is doing. Only lens with high speed link can ...
  • It is unlikely that a 3rd party maker like Sigma, Tamron, etc. will reverse engineer the extra 2 pins of the RF mount.  Their RF mount lens will be the equivalent of their EF mount lens with an ...
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