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17-40 F4L
24-105L IS
70-200 F4L IS
50 f1.8 II


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On article Canon is selling a gray version of the Rebel T6 (146 comments in total)

Only Steve Jobs can announce a different color and make it headline news.

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More bulky than a DSLR.
Drain battery as fast as a mirrorless.
More wear on the shutter.

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On article Samsung introduces PM1633a, world's first 2.5" 16TB SSD (121 comments in total)
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Mister Joseph: Very nice, how much?

Samsung's consumer grade 850 EVO series 2 TB currently sells for $750. The 16 TB drive here is an enterprise class with 8 times the capacity. It will sell for > 8 times the price. You pay a lot to be on the bleeding edge.
My guess is > $8K.

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I signed up using my Facebook account.
I first tried to transfer my Facebook photos. It transfer only 1 album (my oldest).

I then tried to upload photos taken at a recent party, hoping to save the time to email them. As it turned out, there is no way to make them public. My friends cannot see them unless they log in as me.
I picked 28 photos to upload from its web interface. Only 26 were loaded. Since all the photos were mixed with my Facebook transfer, there is no easy way to identify what was missing. I created a new album and move them. But this new album ended up with only 23 photos. There is no way to see photos NOT in an album. Managing photos is so primitive.
BTW, it cannot identify the lens used as the 24-105L.

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On article Will consumer DSLRs be 'dead in 5 years?' (140 comments in total)

Will DSLRs be killed by mirrorless, or BOTH of them will be killed by smartphones?

Current DSLRs are better than mirrorless in two areas, phase detect AF & real time optical VF. With better electronics & software, mirrorless will catch up on both areas in less than 5 years.

Consumers always favor convenience over picture quality. The current boom of DSLR is not normal. Back in the film day, consumers bought a lot more Kodak Instamatic cameras than SLRs. The SLRs had a short boom in the late 70's starting with the Canon AE-1. When 35mm P&S offered AF, consumers went back to the smaller P&S. Meanwhile, Polaroids sold well because it was fun passing photos around with friends.
Smartphone are today's Polaroids, except their photos are a lot better. They are killing off cameras, starting from the small P&S. The big full frame cameras (DSLR or mirrorless) will survive. However, without the profits from consumer DSLRs, the development of lens & bodies will be reduced.

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Rod McD: Human filing cabinets. Not a leaf to be seen. Sad that it's probably the future in many places.

I would rather have tightly packed, efficient living space so as to leave more empty lands as wilderness, than boring suburban sprawl where everyone has to have a front lawn, a back yard, a 3-car garage, and a 3-car driveway.
Given the same number of people and same area of land, what would you do with your land?

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lattesweden: Are you allowed to publish some one elses (the theifs) pictures taken on your stolen gear or is it copyright intrusion from a legal point of view?

"Eavesdropping, wiretapping, invasion of privacy, voyeurism, etc. " are based on expectation of privacy. How much privacy the thief can expect when using someone else' phone with all the apps still installed?

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LarryK: Rambus is not so much a technology company, but rather a patent lawsuit mill.

Best to walk away from anything they develop, it's likely just something their attorneys will use to sue people.

Rambus does not spread technology by licensing it. They look for technology similar to theirs and extort $$$ from innovators. They call this licensing, just like mobs selling "protection".

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On photo P from Paris in the Alphabet Soup challenge (1 comment in total)

It will be perfect if you level the horizon and adjust for vertical perspective.

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