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  • The hook if the crucial part, everything else is pure vanilla. I bought a Black Rapid clone years ago and I still use it (a bit modified though). The first thing I replaced was the hook. Hooks with ...
  • Not really. Focus and compose gets a bit more tricky, but the N1 has such small sensor that DoF usually covers the main subject even if focus is a bit off. No. I don't leave my camera on if I don't ...
  • All Nikon f/1.4 primes have f/1.8 brothers except 105 mm f/1.4. So, of course there is room for a 105 or 135 mm f/1.8. Nikon filed patents for such lenses years ago.
  • For focal lengths longer than about 70 mm there is not much to gain from making a lens "DX only", so for telephoto there are no DX-lenses apart from zooms that go down to 50 mm or shorter. The ...
  • At f/5.6 the difference is still visible. The 18-105 was my first lens and I too thought it was not a bad lens. Compared to Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 it was actually better in most situations. Then I ...
  • Like coolkwc said; If you compare a real DSLR with a 22x superzoom to a bridge camera with a 50x (!) superzoom, it is no surprise the DSLR comes out on top. So it is absolutely an improvement ...
  • There is no need to refresh the existing f/1.8 series. They are all quite new and very good for their price. However I'm still missing a 105 mm or 135 mm f/1.8. Nikon has filed patents for such ...
  • I notice that even though the photos are shot with the same settings, one of them are brighter than the other. So I guess the AF-P has better light transmission than the old AF-S at the same f-stop.
  • I used to have the AF 50 mm f/1.8D as a portrait lens, but I sold it and got a AF-S 50 mm f/1.8G instead. The f/1.8D had a really bad bokeh. The f/1.8G has a much smoother bokeh. If you want a ...
  • If it is worth the money is up to you, but the 16-80 definitely is a better lens in every way. If on a budget you could also consider the 16-85. Almost as good as 16-80 but a lot cheaper.
  • I have noticed that all Nikon digital cameras I have tried have a slight green tint OOC with standard settings. No big deal really as it is easily corrected. I don't know what 70-300 you are using, ...
  • Replied in I'm I wrong
    Yes, you are right! Don't bother about what people tell you is the equivalent focal length on FX converted back and forth. 20 mm is always wider than 35 mm on the same camera !
  • Nikon D3400 is not weather sealed at all. Nikon D5600 has the same seals as D7200 at fronts and sides, but the rear (screen, buttons and viewfinder) is unsealed. Nikon D7200 is "officially" weather ...
  • Same here. (1) I don't get working aperture control with FT-1 and Sigma 150-500mm, but AF works. (2) AF-S 28 mm ...
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    Oh my lord! So a "replacable mount" should be better than an adapter!? That would really be a camera with two adapters that would be totallt useless without either one of them.
  • Replied in Z-Mount
    Why on earth would people jump ship rather than using an adapter!? The FT-1 adapter is the main reason the Nikon1-system didn't failed totaly (like the DL-cameras). If you really want a mirrorless ...
  • Replied in Z-Mount
    Too expensive. Better to just sell one Z-mount body and a F-mount adapter as a accessory.
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    The difference is less than 100 kPa (1 atm) and that is not enough to explode bottles.
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    Nikon have always made new cameras compatible with old lenses, but not the other way around. That is because the lifespan of a lens is much longer than for a camera. Nikon is developing new ...
  • Those also happen to be the oldest Nikon DX lenses. IMHO they are both outperformed by the newer 16-80mm and 10-24mm.
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