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PETA. Welcome to the modern world where the lunatic humans have the most sway.

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sknippen: Seems simple for me. The photographer supplied all materials and his actions made it possible for the monkey to make the selfie. Without the actions from the photographer there was no monkey selfie. The Monkey is a wild animal and therefore cannot claim legal rights. Peta wan't to do this for the animal, but Peta has no relation with the monkey and does it only for it's own advantage.

The monkey never made a selfie, he just pressed a button, accidently or not. To me a selfie is posing in front of a lens with the intension of taking a picture of yourself (or whoever).

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Did the monkey actually give permission for Peta to go ahead with this lunacy ?.

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ybizzle: Two years ago I paid $1500 for a lightly used 7Dii. I wouldn't trade my 7Dii for any of the cameras listed here. The end to end AF point coverage, speed, durability, and the value far outweigh a flip screen and full frame sensor for me. I have used it for portraits, club photography and fast action. It is truly a remarkable camera for any type of photography!

Night i can understand. Street i don't understand. My 7d11 is brilliant at street, i don't see a 5d being any better.

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