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IMO Oly should be targeting the thinking: "I want to use the existing apps, like VSCO Cam on my phone or tablet to edit the photos I take with this, and immediately post them to Instagram, Facebook, etc."

The sensor and lenses will mean photos are of higher quality than ones taken with mobile phones. Social media adept kids, who want to take their photos to the next level will jump at it. The UI experience just needs to be like a smart phone.

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motobloat: Now just make flat view the default and you'll be up to date with the rest of the internet.

Seriously, is there anyone who uses threaded view and is under 50 years old? If so, are you on dial up? Be honest.

It's high time the small, but extremely vocal, minority of threaded-viewers got with the times. If they have to be dragged kicking and screaming, so be it.

Edit: Oh yeah, and PLEASE write some CSS for the WYSIWYG box so that when I quote people, I know what I'm quoting and how many levels deep each quote is. Something like

blockquote { color: red; }
blockquote blockquote { color: green; }
blockquote blockquote blockquote { color: blue; }

would return the old forum colored quoting system. I'm sure you guys know how to do that of course. Right...?

I have no problems with threaded being the default, but it's a backwards step to make it you have to click "flat view" every thread you read if that's your preference. Can't it be persisted for the session, or a user setting, or something?

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