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Great. I will train a dog to press a device that will press the camera button on command. When I will take pictures of all celebrities and pay no royalty to them since a dog took the picture.

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mh2000: When someone grabs my camera and snaps photos that end up on my memory card, I do not consider them my creative property. It doesn't matter that I am the one who owns the camera. Actually, I think it would be unethical to claim credit for photos someone else took.

He credited the monkey.

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If only I could use my numerous Canon lenses and retain auto-focus, I would buy it in an instant

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The more I think about it, the more I like it. It can be perfect street photography camera. I can take pictures behind me. Leave it in a room and see what's happening in that room. Put it on a long pol and take interesting pictures. Take a picture around a corner.

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If only Nik software could replace PS! Can it?

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The message to Canon should be that they are badly loosing to Nikon, producing inferior products with higher prices. Their legacy lenses what's keeping them from becoming Blackberry of cameras.

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jpr2: NO, I'd not buy FF as replacement for my 7d = APS-C offers a crucial reach advantage over FF when one is uising longer FLs lenses; Canon's decision to abandon APS-H format in their Pro-line is a huge mistake from the point of view of wildlife/action shooters !!

Don't full yourself, if the density of the sensors are the same you don't get any advantage. It's like zooming your FF.

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JavaJones: I'm really struggling to understand the justification for a book module given the response to the face recognition issue: "'Face recognition is very important to some', he says, 'but irrelevant to others.'" So, kind of like a book module then?

I'd be shocked if making expensive photo books is more popular and of greater interest than face recognition, which can be useful to *anyone* who takes photos of people Anyone who says they have no use for it is likely to change their mind if they get a chance to work with a *well-implemented* system.

If Adobe is thinking about professionals and their cell phone pics with the geotagging module, clearly they're not so concerned with targeting a minority of the market. How many people are really editing their *cell phone* pics in LR?

My guess is they made a deal with Blurb, let's say 15% of all revenue from books made in LR4. Blurb gets promotion, Adobe gets extra cash. We get a module useful only to a minority of people. Win!

You are 100% correct. It's all about $$$.

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