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Their server must have overheated.

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I can say that the next X-H will have a conventional Bayer sensor, to allow ProRes RAW output and pixel-shift high res mode.

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Nabilon: Are there raw files available?

Units in Japan do have Photo Pro and Cinema Pro apps installed, check those Japanese unboxing videos.

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Mark3794: It's a specialized conversion that requires you to send the camera to Canon this is why you have to pay.

Stop complaining about "desperate need of cash"

Or other companies that don't even give you a battery charger with the camera are in desperate need of cash?

No it's not a conversion, it requires no hardware changes.

The new firmware has to be obtained through Canon's intranet and updated through an active internet and USB connection to the camera. Canon does not want the firmware file to be made public.

For Canon's 1D C camera, all firmware updates were performed this way.

Source: used to work in a Canon service centre.

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011Copper: Tried to get my X-T30 to work with my DJI Ronin SC last night after updating, using the USB-C data cable it sadly still does not.

You need to set the USB connection mode correctly.

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mmrezaie: What about the rest of the other features that the same generation cameras like xpro3 or others have and the others lack? Are they coming to every other camera in the same generation?

Plans for other firmware updates will be announced on the 4th February during the X-Summit in London.

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It's only 240 zones which will be a "blooming" hell.

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Sony Semicon has 44MP APS-C in development for quite some time. As well as 100MP FF. It's the 2.91um gen sensor line-up.

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pentaust: The GFX100 will make X mount users proud of their brand. So even if the GFX100 was a empty box, it would still serve to boost the camera brand image of Fuji and boost sales of their apsc cameras, even if MF has nothing to do with apsc.

X-T3 sensor is literally 1/4 of the GFX100 sensor.

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Fujica: Fujifilm claims that the glass for the GFX100 is able to cope with resolutions over 100MP. However comparing it with the 50MP GFX 50S, I find the sharpness and resolving power of those images to be much better than those of the GFX 100.

Personally I would say that these lenses are more up to 50-80MP for optimal performance and maxed out at 100MP. The images out of the GFX 100 are on the soft side.

I still think Fujifilm should have gone for renewing the 50MP sensor with the tech that is used in this 100MP sensor. Priced at 4500 dollars and we would be speaking of a BIG breakthrough.

Now this GFX 100 leaves me a little under impressed.
High ISO however is better than what I would have expected.

It’s out of Fujifilm’s control, Sony Semicon doesn’t make any new generation 50MP sensor. Current 3.76um generation sensors include 26MP APS-C (I’m sure you know which camera has it, 60MP FF (we’ll see it soon) and 100MP MF. And Sony Semicon is already moving to 2.91um for the next generation.

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Is it 16bit RAW (2fps max) or 14bit RAW (5fps max)?

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pentaust: The look isn't different of the GFX50 (same format, same lenses, same depth of field). From 50Mp to 100Mp pixels get smaller, the gain in IQ is even harder to appreciate, no even considering diffraction effects on the higher pixel density of the GFX100.

There's no 50MP MF sensor with PDAF mask. Fujifilm is limited by what Sony Semicon has to offer.

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Speculations are that the firmware updates mainly address IBIS performance issues as only the models with IBIS received updates.

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soyo: Fuji rebuild the app please! we still can't choose the size and framerates, it only records in 720p.

Actually it records 1080p with X-T3.

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QuietOC: There is a conflation of exposure-graphy with photo-graphy. Bigger sensors don't create more photons.

Bigger sensors COLLECT more photons.

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Old Cameras: I was interested in the ISO50 performance and whether that might be a push or truly native since that would be a first. However, that was omitted from the video and completely skipped over - no mention of what the camera can do at ISO50. Clearly this is the same sensor used in the Panasonic S1R so I think it’s safe to assume that the ISO50 rating is fake, especially since Leica does not distinguish ANY of the ISO values on the camera as being native or a push, even 50,000 which is CLEARLY a push. The camera is native ISO100 until someone proves otherwise.
Perhaps a full review, if one is actually performed (it is a Leica after all) will address this issue. I guess I’m not expecting this camera to be rigorously reviewed beyond the lightweight and very positive and polite first impressions.

It is indeed native ISO 50 on the Q2, but for some reason ISO 50 on S1R is actually a digital push.

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J A C S: There is a problem with the reds, see #9, for example.

Well, Panasonic claims that this new TJ sensor employs FSI with unusually deep photodiode specifically to improve response to longer wavelength light - reds.

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MannyZero: I wish to know if I can listen to film & music videos from a SD card

Yes if you convert them to ProRes format.

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A note regarding the Ninja V footage, it looks more clipped/crushed compared to the internal F-log because Ninja V expects limited range (16-235) but Fuji cameras output 0-255/0-1024 full range signal. For Ninja V footage you need to interpret it as full range instead to recover highlight/shadow detail.

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Mateus1: Big drawback is slow motion 1080/120p mode that is 1.29x croped.
Fuji why did you do that??? It's most popular video feature now, so why limiting it?Using 18/2 lens I get 23mm field of view, with 16mm close 21mm... so not true wide angle view... + poorer IQ in low light with 1.29x crop.

Is it possible Fuji can bring 1080/120p from full sensor in future via firmware update or is it already hardware limitation?

It’s a hardware limitation, full sensor readout would significantly compromise quality

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