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  • Thank you for the recommendations - just ordered a half case from Luigi Cases and put a roll of Tri X through it today.  Will be able to see how incompetent I am the week after next!  Will be able ...
  • Got it - it's gorgeous.  Both camera and lens unmarked and looks like it's a 0.85 viewfinder which suits me down to the ground.  Now just need a leather strap and half case! Cheers, Pete
  • Replied in Have decided...
    Thanks everyone for your help - having weighed up what you've all said and tried the cameras in store, I've arrived at the following decision, which, I hope, gives me the best of both worlds, namely: ...
  • An entirely sensible answer, and one that fits in with my consideration of the Canon M5.  Splendid camera as it is, I think I’m just hooked on the manual aspect of the Fuji and the Q.  Thanks anyway!
  • Finally made it to a shop today. Was pleasantly surprised at how snappy the X100F focusing was and enjoyed using the joystick rather than the old buttons to select a focus point. Things got ...
  • Thanks - have you tried the CL?  If so, why would you choose the Q over the CL?  All thoughts appreciated.  I’ve narrowed it down to a choice of three, these two or the X100F.
  • Thank you - I tend to do my processing on a desktop, but can foresee a day when I don't, so this was interesting
  • By way of example, take a look at this: The problem is, I can buy the camera, but I can’t buy the talent! Best, Pete
  • Thanks for your thoughts. I am aware of the dramatic pace of development of smart phones but to suggest that they can do anything that the CL and Q can do, is quite a claim! The shots I want to ...
  • Thanks both - appreciate your thoughts. Played about with the X100F in an airport store the day before yesterday and liked the feel of the focus joystick. Sadly, they didn’t have the Q or the CL to ...
  • Thanks - I considered this but on the phone the chap at the shop suggested that it might not be adequate in terms of focusing.  Maybe he saw me coming!  Will try it out for myself when I get ...
  • Thanks - good advice and amusing
  • As I said, money is a consideration, but I want to get the best camera for my particular context. At the moment, I’m travelling a lot for work and I want to take the best shots that I can within ...
  • Thank you - that seems to be the consensus opinion.  It seems less clear cut with regard to the CL, which is a shame, because I was hoping that would be the right choice for me, but it’s good to know.
  • Thanks, Tom - you’re right, I shouldn’t rule it out.  When I finally get chance to visit a store, I’ll include it in those I look at. Cheers, Pete
  • Thank you!  I’m sure that I can’t go too far wrong whichever I choose. Best, Pete
  • Thanks for the update - I rarely print large and so this shouldn’t matter too much for me - as long as I get focus in the first place! This thread has been really helpful so thanks again to all
  • Thanks - a great selection of photos. M5? Happy with it in low light?
  • Thank you - that’s what I wanted to know
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