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Selling my mint white GRDIV ! Ricoh Talk Oct 7, 2015
Back to my favorite little camera Ricoh Talk Oct 6, 2015
Texas Drought - Medina River Black and White Photography Sep 24, 2015
GXR ...wish they had made more lenses..er um lessors for it :( Ricoh Talk Aug 30, 2015
Taking the GXR out of the closet for compact travel Ricoh Talk Jul 28, 2015
Ricoh Theta worth $290?? Ricoh Talk Jun 24, 2015
Sowhereisitalready? Ricoh Talk Jun 18, 2015
Should i wait for the new GR? Ricoh Talk Jun 14, 2015
I miss my GR Ricoh Talk Jun 11, 2015
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GRD IV: 'Sunflower' Ricoh Talk Jun 6, 2015
Buy now or wait? Ricoh Talk Jun 3, 2015
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Red dot (holographic) sight for street shooting Ricoh Talk May 31, 2015
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TOP post about Olympus "hobby business" Ricoh Talk May 18, 2015
Some moody shots from the woods Black and White Photography May 16, 2015
Brice Canyon and The Colorado River Black and White Photography May 16, 2015
Valley Lake. Ricoh GR Ricoh Talk May 11, 2015
Oregon Coast Black and White Photography May 6, 2015
GXR Box settings (for Jim) Ricoh Talk May 4, 2015
Northern Topographic Black and White Photography May 3, 2015
Ricoh GR long term real-user review Ricoh Talk May 2, 2015
The river on the first of May Black and White Photography May 2, 2015
Reedbeds at Low Tide, Snape. Black and White Photography Apr 29, 2015
Piano Portrait Black and White Photography Apr 28, 2015
Classic Woodie Car Show Ricoh Talk Apr 28, 2015
GR and LR6 Merge Features Ricoh Talk Apr 28, 2015
Pinnacles National Park in California Ricoh Talk Apr 28, 2015
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Coffee and cameras Ricoh Talk Mar 1, 2015
If Ricoh doesn't, maybe Konos will Ricoh Talk Feb 28, 2015
cityscapes Black and White Photography Feb 28, 2015