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junyo: This whole thing was blown way out of proportion. The 'lens chatter' didn't cause cancer. It didn't affect the camera's operation. It didn't degrade the images it was capable of producing. 'Oh how terrible, the camera makes a tiny noise, call the police!' The internet is a funny place, where a bunch of people (the majority of whom have probably never actually held the camera in question) whine and moan and call the camera/company a failure over what was essentially a cosmetic issue... and now are whining and moaning when they fixed it. No camera is perfect, and I'd rather deal with a company trying new paradigms and experimenting - and accepting the inevitable stumbles - over companies that produce very polished models that are are so polished because they're just a warmed over rehash of their last 57 models.

I totally agree with you Junyo, I never understand this condamning approach on something that probably has never beed tested personally: I am more than happy to own an X-pro1 and its IQ is simply amazing, this camera has some quirks as all the cameras on this planet and the people at Fuji is working on what the users suggest, I like this approach and this camera

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