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  • @ecka84

    You stated: "I don't shoot snapshots, because they are not worth it" and yet you post 500+ snapshots here:

    "FF is the best value for the $, at...

  • @ecka84
    Can you show me where I said: "m4/3 is as good as FF"?? That's what I thought. YOUR words, NOT mine.

    I said, "[ISO] Hardly distinguishable in real world shooting." Can you prove this...

  • @ecka84

    It's not a matter of "need". It's a matter of compromise. FF makes some things easier/more convenient. Same with mFT.

    "Stop telling me that your m4/3 is as good as FF, because it...

  • @ozturert

    Admit what? You can't dispute the facts.

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  • @ecka84
    "Why are you buying L glass for snapshots is beyond me, really."

    Seems a lot of things are beyond you. I like the way L glass renders. I like the rugged build quality in adverse...

  • @ecka84
    "You cannot and you shouldn't use the same ISO. "

    Of course you can't use the same ISO - have to increase it on the FF camera to match the shutter speed of the mFT. As I said, any...

  • @ecka84
    "You can use exactly the same shutter speed."

    Not at the same ISO. Negates any "advantage" of FF

    "Why it has to "match the optical rendering of the Olympus primes"?"

    You mean, why do...

  • @ecka84
    “It all has been proven already, with facts. Stop ignoring it.”

    Nothing to ignore as you fail to post any facts.

    Prove the 5DmkIII + f/4 zoom is lighter than the PEN-F + primes.

  • @ ecka84
    “You are imagining things”

    And yet you can’t prove otherwise. Facts are so inconvenient that way.

  • @ecka84

    I have to buy a more expensive lens, carry even more weight for an f/4 zoom that still can’t match the shutter speed and optical rendering of f/1.8-2 Olympus primes? How good is the IQ of...

  • @ ecka84

    Hardly distinguishable in real world shooting. Certainly not different enough to want to carry the 5DmkIII and three primes in my messenger bag everyday. The PEN-F + mZD 12mm f/2 +...

  • @ ecka84

    The "ISO performance" on my PEN-F is far better than my 5DmkIII I'm not carrying with me.

  • Nowhere did I say it was make or break. And yes when I'm packing for a shoot I bring multiple bodies and multiple lenses. This is why cherry picking a small FF body and light 85 mm lens to a large ...
  • I beg to differ. I shoot multiple formats and film. You're preaching to the choir. I have no intention to convince you of anything. Define "competitive"? A decade? I'm going on 30 years shooting. ...
  • Says the King of deflection. I'll be happy to answer your contrived question in post 46 as soon as you've addressed my questions in post 23.  Of course you can't do it which is why you tried to ...
  • Still with the straw man?  You create false arguments and I'm supposed to answer for you?  Ha!  Why should I answer your contrived question in post 46 when you still haven't addressed my questions ...
  • Except the conversation was never about DPreview's build quality metrics. You introduced that diversion as well as several others as you were at a loss. Then proceeded to make the following errors ...
  • " Not worth dealing with " i.e. you acknowledge your defeat. What does Bob always do when he's lost? Attempts to re-direct the conversation. "Build Quality" metrics are only one of many feeble ...
  • Replied in Nope.
    Except the EM1mkII + 45 f/1.2 is 10% smaller, 4% lighter and costs 27% less as of today.  That difference only grows as more lenses are added. Not to mention that FE lens offers no weather sealing ...
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