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On photo sub in the Ships in drydock challenge (1 comment in total)

What is your definition of "drydock"? I see museum ships that will never be on the water again, ships in the water and a beached shipwreck. I wouldn't consider those in drydock.

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On photo IMGP4274 P NHRA Nat 13 in the High Quality: Motion Blur challenge (2 comments in total)

It wasn't meant to be all the things you said, however it is important to me. I take 50,000 motorsports images a year. Trust me, I don't give them fancy eye catching names. I like to let the image speak for itself. If I was submitting an image for something very prestigious, I would give it a title. That title is my code: the image number, P=some processing and the event=NHRA Nationals (Route 66 Raceway) 2013. This particular photo is one that I looked at and said, "It fits the criteria, I think." Is it my best work, probably not. Sometimes one just catches my eye and in the end that is what is important to me. Thanks for looking at the image though and I'm sorry you didn't like the title.

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On article Photographer revisits images of Vietnam War (89 comments in total)

These stunning images are going force me to look back at mine from 68-69 (Chu Lai)! Like this photographer, my slides have been locked away for over forty years. I can't even imagine that they would even come close to these.

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On Challenge:7979 (18 comments in total)

All the pics were excellent although Private Custard was right. The winning photo is of a Hurricane Mk XII manufactured in Canada in 1942 and appears it never left Canada while it was in service. It was later restored to resemble a MKIIa and is now stored in England.

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On Challenge:7979 (18 comments in total)

Because after 72-73 years there are so few remnants of the battle left, this is a difficult challenge. If I could post more than one image, I would post the companion to my spitfire pic, a Junkers JU-87 Stuka. It is one of only two intact Stukas left in existence. They fought in the early part of the Battle but had to be withdrawn due to heavy casualties. A few years back it was taken down from the Museum of Science and Industry and restored by the EAA folks in Oshkosh, Wi. I believe there were 6,500 Stukas built and its hard to believe only two intact remain!

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On Challenge:7979 (18 comments in total)

I am sorry to say that the Japanese "Kate did not participate in the Battle of Britain nor the Avro Lancaster. The Lancaster did not become operational until 1942.

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On photo against the odds in the Battle of Britain challenge (1 comment in total)

That's a Japanese "Kate". I can only assume this is a re-enactment of Pearl Harbor and not the Battle of Britain.

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On Challenge:7979 (18 comments in total)

Just for information the Focke Wulf fw 190 never fought in the Battle of Britain and wasn't operational until August, 1941, ten months after the battle ended. I have no problems with it remaining in the challenge because I like to see it. Just so we get the facts right. The most numerous fighters were the Hurricane and the Bf-109. The Spitfire became the most famous, however the Hurricane was the backbone of the RAF at that time.

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On photo Titanic Stern Red Sign-Where Rose first met Jack! in Phixer323's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Where Rose first met Jack!

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