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  • @panther fan
    So what are those lenses on the top of the hill?


    Aren't those the...

  • Hi! Thanks for your reply. The camera firmware is updated. I've tried several lenses, and the camera behaves the same. The startup times you mentioned, was what I was getting before. That's why ...
  • I suppose the A7 has an internal battery, right? I left my camera for a month or two without any action. Now, when I start the camera it takes forever to be ready to shoot. The camera immediately ...
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    2018-03-07 14.15.10
  • Already done that. Still don’t understand why it got disqualified.

  • Hi!
    You have also disqualified my photo with the following reason: "not really trying to play with the other photos in flight ... "

    Sorry but I don't understand the reason. Can you explain please?

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  • @Slideshow Bob

    Regarding the nikon cameras, I didn't had any need to change the topic of conversation. I just stated that the 610 camera was made to correct an error. That error was the 600 oily...

  • @janist74
    Looking at the dpreview labtests I see what I have placed in my comment.
    Regarding ISO, the 6D is better for a low margin (never said it wasn't) but not clearly better. Period.
    You have...

  • @Slideshow Bob
    Man, your words worth what they worth.
    dxomark tests:
    CANON 6D rates 2340 ISO vs SONY A7 that rates 2248
    Overall score CANON 6D 82 points, while SONY A7 90 points

    Regarding the...

  • "Amazingly, the 2008 Canon 5D II had about the same noise performance as the A7."
    My brother has the 5DII still. Same noise? No. 5DII is definitely worst. I don't know how it came so "close" in dxo...

  • Submitted a challenge entry The River
    Taken with my iPhone 6 back in 2018.
    Placed 93rd in the challenge. Taken with my iPhone 6 back in 2018.
  • Man, I'm referring only to IQ. Regarding what you say. The video is enough for family/travel purposes. AF also good with the lenses I have. Of course, A7III does a better job. I pretend to get the...

  • Dit that. I know the other ones are better, but like I said, for a 6 year old model, it's very impressive. I didn't said it was the same IQ, just ... closer than most of us would imagine.

  • Incredible how the original A7 holds against these beasts (IQ). Compare it on the image quality chart til 6.400 ISO. Replace the Panasonic for the original A7 and see for yourself. Not much of a...

  • First ... :)

    Regarding the phone, I much prefer my iPhone. :P

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