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I hope to see more of the Contemporary line being used for small, lightweight lenses. I'm not a huge fan of their zooms, but Contemporary fits this notion that small mirrorless bodies need small lenses as well.

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This could be a very interesting camera. I like that it's like the opposite of the Panasonic S1 series in terms of size and weight, as now L-mount users can use their lenses on both large bodies and small bodies.

Sigma is definitely putting in a lot of work into this L-mount alliance so I hope this greatly helps them.

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Good to hear about the new adapter. Still looking to pick up an A7 III to use my Art lenses with, but the EF-L adapter makes it even more meaningful to keep my lenses in EF mount until I decide to commit to one system.

Hoping they'll bring the tripod mount to the MC-11. That'd be a nice plus.

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At first I was concerned that I'd want to replace my Sigma lenses with these Panasonic ones, but then I saw the price of the 50mm. Oof that's a lot.

Hoping there's an adapter from EF to L mount. Otherwise I'll probably have my lenses converted to L mount if I get an S1.

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It may cost 25% more than the Sony A7 iii, but I'm excited for the S1. For me, the larger grip, top LCD, and larger battery are great priorities for me, so it's good to see those included.

If the S1 fairs as well as the A7 iii in autofocus, I'm sold.

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I think the last paragraph sums up my thoughts the best. It's a brave, but risky path that Olympus is going down.

I look forward to seeing how Olympus will fare.

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I agree with the majority of these sentiments to the manufacturers.

I especially look forward to what Sigma, Sony, and Tamron do in the future, and I hope Panasonic comes in running with their full frame cameras.

In particular, I expect great things from Sigma. I think they're doing great with their Art series, but I'd like to see the Contemporary series be their range of f2 / f2.8 primes, if only to semantically separate them from their Art counterparts

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Hot take: If Sigma made a DSLR or mirrorless (or both?) camera as competitively specced as their lenses, they'd take a good chunk of the camera market.

I like what Sigma is doing, so cheers to that.

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I have to say I really like the idea of this. No joke, if this was the size of the M10 and had no screen like the M-D, it'd be a beautiful and luxurious digital film type of camera.

On the other hand, I could buy a film camera, and put the rest to paying off a car or an extravagant trip.

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I'm interested in see what the price for the 105mm will be. If the price and optical qualities are comparable to their 135mm, I'm going to have a hard time deciding which to go for.

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NobodyImportant: So how does this compare to the B1? I didn't even know how the D1 compared to the B1.

Specs are one thing, but what role does it fit in the lineup? (I should have asked how does it compare qualitatively). I'm looking through the specs, and maybe my eyes aren't discerning enough, but I don't see that much change. I do see the flash duration being smaller, the faster recycle time, slightly smaller size, but none of that tells me the role it has.

I get that the B1 is marketed as the off camera, wireless, TTL studio strobe. But now that the D2 has TTL, an internal battery, and remote operation, and is even around $500 cheaper than the B1 for the same 500W/s.

I'm guessing it has to do with the B1 have Canon / Nikon specific TTL, but is it worth it?

Luckily Profoto gear is far beyond my price range and usage, so I don't think too much of it, but it still makes me think.

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So how does this compare to the B1? I didn't even know how the D1 compared to the B1.

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n3eg: Gee thanks. I hope the hundreds of trillions of Mac users are happy.

@Pixrix, I bought mine a few years back from Amazon, but they never stated anything about having the card deprecated in the future.

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"DNG format can now be selected as a separate option in addition to JPG and DNG + JPG".

Really pushing the envelope there, Leica. >_>

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