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Oh my, oh my... Is it me or Sony's going to take over Hasselblad... Because that's the only logical explanation for this thing (besides wondering about the kind of pot falks got to smoke down at Hasselblad)....

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark III low-light ISO series samples (319 comments in total)

Very very impressive. Up to 12800 the quality basically remains very stable and images are perfectly usable.

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On article Introduction to Documentary-style People Photography (67 comments in total)

Thank you for beautiful images and very good advice. It's so cool Dpreview is now posting articles like this one!

Merry Christmas everyone;)

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woo-hoo! looks like a very impressive upgrade!

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Well, while at it, I think mirrorless is a bigger threat to micro 3/4... But Canon & Nikon will certainly have to do something about it. Hopefully they're not going to follow Sony's radical decision of ditching OVFs altogether.

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On photo We can wait forever in the The Songs Of Life: I Can Wait Forever challenge (2 comments in total)
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Digital Alfredo: A minor quibble: your description sets up drama that simply isn't there.

The trollies aren't that fast, and the girl is simply taking a photo - which doesn't take all that long.

However, I do like the composition for the most part - tho I would have stepped about 3 feet to the left to give it a more imminent-danger vibe.

Oh – the only drama is a +35 heat and a tram without air-conditioning having to stand still and wait until the photo is taken;)

In this particular case I would've had to step some 20-25 feet to the left as this is shot at 200mm and I think I would've bumped into a rather sturdy building if I tried doing so.

Thanks for looking and for the comment!

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