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Great alternative to the Surface Studio, which has fairly anemic specs and no upgrade possibility. What if you have a real workstation with beefy graphics card and a 4K monitor or two you want to leave upright? Also the SS as elegant as it is, is quite expensive and the graphics card is weak. You could have said graphics workstation with multiple monitors and add the Canvas 27 for nearly the same price as just the SS, and have a much beefier setup. Also, if Wacom styli work on this then it must be actual Wacom tech? I have heard that the SS stylus is not as good as a Wacom. Finally, this might encourage SS and Cintiq prices to come down a bit. Yes it's expensive but for a target market of graphic artist it makes sense.
I do think SS v2 could be much improved. MS should use Wacom or something exactly as good. And upgradable specs or at least an Nvidia 1060. It's a lot of money for mobile grade silicon.

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Probably worth noting that not all DSLRs by any means make very good pro sports/wildlife bodies. That is a specialty even within DSLRs.

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One, there are phones that can shoot 4K video. I'm sure the bitrate leaves much to be desired, but still. So it's a little hard to believe Sony couldn't fit the 4K electronic recording capability into the body of this camera, at least at a reduced bit rate, in addition to making possible external hi bit recording. Two, 12MP seems like a big hit, a step back for what is still predominantly a still camera.

Though I'm sure there are a few video shooters who will love this and be willing to put up with these compromises for the low light ability. But this sure looks like a halting toe dip into 4K to me. I will wait a year or two when surely they will be able to combine more of the better aspects of these three different cameras into a single body: fast focus, high resolution sensor, on board 4K. Oh yeah, and get a decent selection of ff lenses. I'm rooting for you Sony but you have a ways to go.

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I would be VERY interested in a A7 or A7R with superb fast primes - I don't own a zoom - and I could justify the cost of a $1000 lens or two. Also 35mm is my favorite angle of view. I'm pretty much exactly Sony's target market. However. The main point of buying an FF camera over an APS-C to me is to have extremely shallow DOF on call, even at wider angles. An equivalent consideration with superb sharpness.

So the fact that this is a 2.8 and not a 2.0 or 1.8 is just a big letdown. I get that this a very compact lens, still, if I want a compact travel lens it seems a less expensive pancake makes more sense.

My setup now is an NEX5n with usually a Nikkor 28mm f2 on an adapter. This gives some shallow DOF, but only middling sharpness. I've been shopping for a superb fast prime, ideally a 24mm for the NEX. You could buy Sony's own Zeiss 24mm f1.8 and get similar DOF while saving $2k not buying a new body.

Sony took this 98 yards down the field and punted just short of the goal line.

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Frederik Paul: No programm here allows to work with any projects you’ve already started in Photoshop, because none has 100% layer functionality support.

Have worked across programs in psd with Gimp for years. I'm working on a project this minute with multiple layers in psd. I go back and forth from ArtRage 3.5 to Gimp 2.8, working with layers. Of course it's not 100% compatible with the advanced things like channels and other trickery you can do in PS. If you're doing advanced PS things then just use PS, obviously. But masks seem to work fine for me certainly and even paths, depending on the v. of PS.

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EvanRavitz: This says Gimp has "even a modified version that looks and acts more like Photoshop, if you get homesick." but this merely links to the homepage, where there's no mention of "modified" or "alternate" versions. Where is this mysterious modification??

Latest GIMP gives you a choice of single window mode or separate windows. I'm using single window with tabs, works very nicely.

About 7 years ago I just got sick of the upgrade cycle with PS, Illustrator, ACDsee, CorelDraw, Lightroom, LightZone, . . . used them all. Someone wanting my money every year for new features I didn't really use. PS refusing to install even though I had the SN's. Now a confirmed GIMP/Inkscape graphic artist, also use Picasa for sorting/collections/online backups, and even the infrequent RAW import. I have them on 4-5 computers at any given time and no one asks me for a SN.

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Wow - almost no one gets that this is a groundbreaking fusion of decent camera plus computer with all that entails. Connectedness is only the beginning, you've got the possibility to join with all kinds of existing camera control and imaging software, and once this becomes more common there will be a lot of new software. Completely configurable and remote controlled interval shutter, for example, or HDR or Panorama software with a huge range of parameters and options. And instantly upgradeable forever.
This very much needs to happen and is actually long overdue. What we really need though is a more dslr or mirrorless quality camera with Android. Sony NEX? I'll be first in line.

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Firstly, I have a Canon 5D II and a Canon HD video camcorder. The 5N in most ways is better than either or both. I've shot hours of video with the 5N, reviewed it closely, never got a single click. So last night I took it out and shook it pretty vigorously on video, and yeah, I can hear clicks. The picture doing this is not even close to usable, a shaky incomprehensible mess.

I take a lot of video & try pretty hard to keep the camera steady. But I do walk around with it & film the kids etc. On one shot my kids were in a push car tearing around the driveway in circles. I sat in the center & panned the camera halfway around, then quickly panned the camera in the other direction to pick them up circling around again, repeat. No clicking. So, again, it's a violent shake that produces this phenomenon.

But, from the sound of it there may be some cameras where the problem is worse than mine and occurs at lower accelerations. For me it's completely a non-issue. Awesome camera.

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