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Apparently, you can tape electrical contact under the adapter, which will make camera think no adapter is attached and thus retain 60mm equiv. focal length without in-camera cropping.

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On article Nikon Z 50mm F1.2 S sample gallery (251 comments in total)

There's no denying that there are some great benefits of having a lens this fast. But at the same time with great power comes great responsibility, i.e. you really need to know how to use it properly.
Maybe it's just me, but in the first photo there is just too little DOF. The man with the dog looks like a cardboard cutout superimposed over the blurry background.

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I really like how visually different Nikon and Fuji version of 23/1.4 is, despite the same optical design. This makes them match corresponding cameras perfectly. Shows C/V's dedication to detail, unlike some recent announcements from e.g. Sigma that uses the same styling all across the board with just the different mount plate.

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On article What does Sigma's support mean for X-mount? (193 comments in total)

I'm not interested in the current Sigma for X trio, but I do hope that Sigma will develop lenses Fuji doesn't make, such as 70/1.8, 135/2.8 that can take an extender or even a small-ish 200/4.

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Dan51: It doesn't say if they controlled for how many of a certain product was sold, so if the GoPro is sold a lot more than any other camera it would have more tweets good or bad than other cameras. But that doesn't explain Ricoh GR III which is a very niche camera you hardly ever see in the wild and it has the second most complained tweets.

No. The complain was this: "Die Menschen erwarten, dass die GR trotz der Größe und des Gewichts eine allumfassende Kamera ist", which means that people expected a do-it-all camera, likely with a high burst rate, superzoom, 4K video, etc., yet still fitting in their jeans back pocket. Simply put - those who complained completely missed the point what GRIII is for.

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BITPhotoSpace: it's incredible that after 10 years and some well established facts including that x-trans does not reduce - eliminate moire by any significant means vs Bayer such statements are still made.

Maybe yes, maybe no. What I know that after 3 years of shooting with Fuji camera only, I bought Ricoh GRIII as a secondary pocket cam and - there you go, moire came back. This is when I realized that I have never seen this issue in Fuji files, yet with a Bayer sensor it's definitely there.

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On article Have your say: Vote now for best prime lens of 2021 (115 comments in total)

Fun and pointless poll. How can you rate lenses as best given their different purpose and different system? It's like voting which vehicle is better: Ferrari supercar or Ford truck?

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crsantin: 200 shots per charge for a modern digital camera is a bit of a joke really. You'd have to have a half dozen batteries with you just to be safe, basically always charging batteries. Nice camera but no thanks.

I guess it all depends how you use the camera. I have 1 extra battery for my Ricoh and I rarely use it. But then I don't typically take more than 100 pictures in one day anyway. I somehow can't picture a scenario where you would need half a dozen of batteries on a little pocket camera like this.

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Ricoh GR III/IIIx is the best camera if you always want to have a camera with you.

(And no - smartphones are not an alternative. You can't take pictures single-handed with a phone as easily as you can with GR).

Fuji X100V is the best camera if you can only have 1 camera. It can replace your "serious" system camera in ~90% of all situations.

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I'd buy one right now if I didn't own GRIII already. The best little camera just got better!

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Andyyy: I am not sure about the size. The original 35mm was small, compact and lightweight.
Optically was already fine, they could have improved the focusing and add bit of weather sealing.
Another chasing for ultimate sharpness and optical perfection and now we are getting into FF lens weight territory.

AFAIK, there was no good way to add "improved focusing and a bit of weather sealing" to that old design. In XF35/1.4 the entire lens moves in relation to sensor and as such there is no easy way to weather seal it. This means Fuji had to redesign the focusing mechanism and use another method (Linear Motor) to achieve focus. This made the focus smoother (and faster) and allowed for weather sealing, but made the lens larger.
There is no free lunch. The original XF35/1.4 is awesome however, and I'm keeping it.

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On article DPReview TV: Canon RF 28-70mm F2L USM review (275 comments in total)

Optically great, but I keep thinking how much smaller and lighter it would be if this was "only" a 2x zoom like 35-70mm f/2. Still a very nice and functional range but perhaps with less arm wrestling required.

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It's beautiful - small, lightweight, fast, with EXIF data transfer. Now we need a small, capable camera to match it with. XPro would be good but it's too large. X-E4 could work but EVF is too small. Same with X-T30. All I want is X100V with X-mount.

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On article Hands-on with the Fujifilm XF 18mm F1.4 R LM WR (164 comments in total)
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unoturbo: wow. 999 for a crop-only lens equivalent to a boring 28/2.0 ... and even at that price lens hood is not included but comes at a whopping 69 extra.

It really exemplifies why I and 90% of market will not even consider buying Fuji X gear: it is "crop gear at FF prices", simply not nearly enough bang for the buck.

Sigma 16mm/1.4 DC DN for Sony/Canon/mFT/L is wider, with IQ most likely at least on par and priced reasonably at € 395 - including lens hood. Even Fuji XF 18/2.0 costs more than that.

Totally ludicrous.

For years Canon and Nikon (in the DSLR era) have conditioned us that APS-C is a lower quality system for beginners. Should this lens be a Sony FE or Canon RF lens, nobody would blink twice about its price. But because it's "boring crop-only" lens we think that it doesn't deserve our praise.

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On article DPReview TV: Our favorite $1000 camera kits (286 comments in total)

For less than $1000 I would go with Ricoh GRIII. Then I have some cash left for an extra battery. No other camera beats GR's portability and the best camera is the one you always have with you.

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Interestingly, Fuji GFX100 with a smaller sensor than this benchmark PhaseOne IQ4 has a much better high ISO performance: less noise and a better detail retention - compare both at ISO6400-12800.

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On article Gallery update: Fujifilm XF 27mm F2.8 R WR (64 comments in total)

This is actually a very interesting gallery. Great shots!
This tiny lens looks like a very good companion for every small Fuji camera. Completes a decent street-ready kit.

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Time to open pop corn bag and enjoy the s**tshow in comments.

Seriously, just pick the one you have more fun with and don't listen to those saying you chose wrong.

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jadot: I used to have a 27mm lens, and I like the look of this new iteration, but it has to be said - £400 + in the UK is somewhat steep in today’s terms, especially for a 2.8 lens.

I used to love the idea of the Nikon 50mm 1.8 D which I remember costing around £100 when I used to shoot Nikon. I get that it’s not a pancake, but close enough, and faster than the 27 from Fuji. Good IQ Too, made especially better by the bargain price, no doubt.

Nifty 50 from Fuji? Or Nifty 41mm? It’s still missing I’m afraid. It’s something I’d love to see, but doubt it’s on its way any time soon.

All hail Equivalence!
So you're saying that the $3900 R5 is better than X-T4, which costs less than 1/2 of R5? How surprising!

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Francis85: What Fujifilm needs is a single 24-105mm F4 or even a F5.0 would do.

The lens ranges in their lens line-up are really cumbersome.

No true wide angle zoom nothing like a 12-24mm or a 14-35mm
No true wide angle prime 23mm is the widest focal length available (17mm eqv).
No single zoom up to 70mm.
Instead you need to carry two zooms; 32-64mm and the 45mm -100mm)
And then there is only a mid-telezoom with only a limited reach available in the 100-200mm.

So to complete your 'kit' you used to use you will need:

- GF23mmF4 - 2599,- US. / 845 grams
- GF32-64F4 - 2299,- US / 875 grams
- GF45-100F4 - 2299,- US / 1005 grams
- GF100-200F5.6 - 1999,- US / 1050 grams

Or 3750 gram on lenses and 9196 US Dollars. That's a lot of weight and a lot of money you are carrying with you in your daypack for just the lenses and excluding the weight and cost of the camera. (4.5Kg and 15K US dollar).

So even with the 'sharp' price of the GFX100S this kit setup is still way too expensive for most of us.

I guess it all depends on what you actually need. I find GFX lens lineup quite appealing because all I would need is 23/4, 63/2.8 and either 80/1.7 or 110/2.
In fact, I could argue that Sony or Canon "need" a 20mm f/4 compact prime to match GF23/4 or XF14/2.8 from Fuji.

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