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Totally different topic: does anyone know what the jazz recording is that begins at around 11:46?


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OneLeggedCat: Well done FAA. Glad to finally see the FAA taking drones seriously.

And lolz at this statement: "Key data, including the control station's latitude, longitude, and altitude can be accessed by anyone from takeoff to landing, not just law enforcement. This is concerning because the general public will know exactly where a remote pilot is operating."

That's rich coming from a bunch of privacy-violating drone operators. Don't mind privacy violation until... *Their* privacy is being violated while violating others' privacy.

Golly, you mean you don't like the fact that I can actually find the operator of the guy flying the drone staring straight at my backyard fenced swimming pool? Or buzzing that loud thing down the neighborhood streets at 5:45am sunrise?

And thanks for the link to FAA comments. I'm happy to go provide my supporting comments.

...and the overwhelming majority of the public is not going to threaten anyone (I'd be a lot more worried about the people parroting "Deep Stater" slogans).

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Thomartin: Good products, that are know to the general public; makes sense why Canon is the top rented brand.
Many non photographers do not know anything about gear except Canon is top of the line because that's a name they saw in football fields etc... They are naturally driven by this when it comes to renting a good camera for vacation. ( Only part of LR customers I know)

Furthermore, those numbers are to be put against the actual offering of LensRental. If I've got 100 5Ds and 10 A7s, yes, Canon is likely to be more popular than Sony, not because it's more popular, but cuz the offering is not the same.

Final point, the Chevy Impala is probably the most rented car in the US, is this proof that it's the best Sedan in the US? Surely not, but it is proof that it makes for a good rental car. It's sturdy and reliable enough that the rental is interested while comfortable and convenient enough that the customer is interested as well. Same goes for Canon.

Then again, I think that it would be a fair assumption that Lensrentals' supply will reflect demand. There will be some mismatches week-to-week but in the long run demand and supply should be in harmony with each other.

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CreeDo: Watching this is like... a dog trying to sniff and explore some amazing new area during a walk, but his owner keeps jerking the leash back and dragging him away to the next area.

Many of the imagery and scenes are BEAUTIFUL, but you barely get a second to process them before getting yanked away from it.

I mean, we get it, the theme is "new york is so frenetic and busy!", but don't waste all that hard work just to showcase a "theme", the idea is to showcase the imagery.

It is a technically competent and a creative work but it is in the current mode of being afraid to bore someone if an image remains on the screen for more than 10 seconds, requiring the viewer to engage their own experiences and thoughts in the process. It also concentrates on a relatively small part of NYC, the high-cost and glitzy side of it, while ignoring most of the real and very rich and varied kaleidoscope of people and cultures that make it up.

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junk1: Reckless Endangerment flying a toy drone? Was the operator purposely flying at people trying to hit them? Or carrying large fireworks on the drone? What I see is the drone going bizerk out of control from a decent distance away.
The vast majority of people who slightly to moderately speed in their 4000lb vehicles are 1000x more likely to hurt or kill someone.

I don't know about 1000x more - my guess is that once there are as many drones as there are 4000lb vehicles and as drones get larger, faster and heavier, the ratio will be much lower - but you bring up a good point when you parallel the two: I think that drone owners should be required to buy flight insuranceand all drones should have unalterable (to the extent possible but legally enforced) "VIN numbers" registered to their owners before being allowed to fly drones in public spaces.

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junk1: Is this any more reckless than people playing baseball in a neighborhood? Ever get hit by a baseball in the head? Or imagine what a baseball could do to a window or siding. Would we charge the person with reckless endangerment? I'd rather have a drone hit me than a baseball "line drive".

I didn't see anyone playing baseball up on top of the needle but I did see a drone (or, rather, the video it took) at heights 1.5x to 2x what is allowed. And having been in and around the space needle more than once, I can safely say that it is not a place people think of to knock a baseball around. Or anywhere on the streets of Seattle, for that matter.

Actually, I haven't seen anyone playing baseball - with an actual baseball - anywhere but in a park at a baseball diamond in the last 60 years. I did grow up in a baseball-crazy town (NYC back in the 50's and early 60's) and when we played some variant in the streets or in parking lots, it was with rubber or tennis balls: no one had a glove.

Yes, a baseball could hurt someone but so can a drone, and since drone owners like you seem to have a very cavalier attitude about the damage they could cause, I am much more concerned about a drone hitting me (or cutting up my face or destroying an eye) than I am about a baseball.

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Digimat: phew...dont want to start a war, but those iso800 shots look awfull even at web resolution. there is mushy detail and noise everywhere, even some iso200 shots show noise in the sky. is m43 really that bad?

I agree and I can't understand why you and I are the only ones who see that. Are we out of it or is there an emperor's clothes factor here?

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This lens will do well: there are a lot of us that are not interested in dragging tripods around or holing up in one spot waiting for wildlife to appear. I will be happy to replace my Canon lenses with this one and, maybe, the Panasonic 100-400. I *would* have liked to see a 400 5.6, but these look like pretty good substitutes, especially the Olympus and its IS.

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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review (1306 comments in total)

I don't believe that I've ever made a comment about DPR sample photos before. In looking at the 7D2 set, it took me a while to find the focus point for most of the ones with people in them: it seemed to me that the focus point was almost always somewhere other than on a person's face. Did anyone else see the same thing? I don't remember running into that with any other DPR sample set from a DSLR or mirrorless "enthusiast" camera. Otherwise, the 7D2 looks pretty good for someone who wants a C sensor (like me, who would prefer to limit supertelephoto weight). No camera is perfect.

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It's a Buzz-O-Meter: lets a company measure how much buzz they've stirred up for their next release.

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PhotoKhan: This is SO funny...

Brands are so embroiled in competing at any cost that they actually end up cannibalizing their own line-ups most probably, because in glorious corporate tradition, groups of persons inside are more busy taking care of their own "clout" then actually looking for the company interests.
...and then comes a photography site diligently and engagingly trying to make sense of it all by deeply analyzing (mostly) non-existing differences.

SOOO funny...

That works both ways, tho. The electronics (and especially computing) world is strewn with dead company names that tried to survive by protecting "the company interests." If you want to keep up you are going to have to cannibalize lines. If you don't someone will do it for you and you'll be sitting with nothing to sell.

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I would really like to understand this: why the 5-6 articles about this "pocketable" camera "with a "large" sensor when during the same show Panasonic released a camera (DMC-GM5) that is smaller, has a larger sensor, includes a built-in viewfinder and accommodates multiple lenses? Compared to that, why is this Canon "One of the exciting new cameras here at Photokina?"

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(unknown member): You know most of you are obviously completely unaware of what real people, as opposed to anoraks, actually want. This camera will sell in bucket loads because of its small size and the fact that it is familiar and simply works. Those of you that want BIG cameras, loads of buttons and dare I say it, bragging rights because' mine has got more than yours' are catered for elsewhere, so please don't feel so threatened. Meanwhile the rest of the population will be very happy indeed with this little DSLR.

For me it's the opposite: I like the small factor but since the mirror is still there, the lenses are still the same. I've noticed that since I bought a u4/3 from Panasonic I've been using that a heck of a lot more than my Canon DSLR gear.

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Visualiza: DPR is treading dangerous ground with posts like these, and I've seen a select few similar ones in the past. I notice how they don't comment on long rumored products that they themselves eventually preview prior to press release(D800, D4, 5DM3, etc.).

I don't care personally, I just hope it doesn't affect the potential for this site to get exclusive previews when it comes time for press release. I love the in-depth previews here, and I can't imagine that things like this make the companies happy. I say leave the rumors to the rumor sites; they can afford to drop info like this without compromising any relationships.

A mention of a camera that DPR does not have in hand (or acts as if it doesn't) that gives out no solid information but displays someone else's shot of it (or a nicely-imagined fake)? IMO it would be naive to think that vendors aren't very happy to see "buzz" like this and, I suspect, encourage it in various ways.

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itchhh: How did Ansel Adams survive w/o the newest wiz bang camera?? The D4 is a nice camera no doubt but $6 is crazy for 98% of us.

I don't know how Ansel Adams would have reacted to computer-based cameras and frequent upgrades (and either does anyone else...) but what I do know is that he did not shy away from buying equipment.

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"Is this emphasis on printing everything an American thing?...."

Maybe, but the vast number of photos taken by the "Americans" I know are not printed, and the majority of them don't print any at all.

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