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rusticus: again a camera that no one really needs

nikon - please build a digital F3 with a FF sensor, no frills for 1000 Euro

Actually I could really do with a camera like this. I want (in fact I need) a camera which is small enough to travel (and not carry my Canon 50D plus lenses). It needs to operate fast, focus well, have inbuilt flash, have viewfinder, be compact, have decent resolution, do decent video and have manual function when needed. About the only thing the V2 misses out on for me is being able to put a wireless flash trigger on top so it can be a backup to my 50D for studio flash work. But as a responsive, capable, all-in-one travel camera it's just what I need.
An SLR is not always the right answer, sometimes I just want to get the travel snaps and spend the rest of the holiday relaxing - I just don't like doing it with a compact because there are TOO many compromises.

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Zigmont: Usually I don't care what a camera looks like, as long as it takes good pics. But I have to say, I'd be a bit embarrassed carrying this baby around.

Plus, I just don't get the "1" series. This one seems big enough that I'd rather have a decent APS-C DSLR instead.

It might be ugly but I'm looking for a 1 lens travel camera with EVF/OVF, SLR-like performance, about 28-200 equivalent zoom range, decent pixel count, decent video, mechanical zoom, built-in or compact add-on flash and smaller size than a Canon 50D with 18-200 lens. So far a bunch of cameras have come close (OMD with 14-140, Pana GH3 with 14-140, Nikon V1, Sony NEX6/7) but all fall short in one aspect or antoher. To me this one is about as close as I've seen to my ideal travel camera. I will be interested in the price with the new 10-100 zoom.

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