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But still no fix for the side panel black out issue that has been affecting Mac users for five months with versions LR CC 2015.9 and higher. The best we get is an annoying workaround or the suggestion that we roll back to CC 2015.7 or .8.

Link | Posted on Mar 9, 2017 at 13:08 UTC as 12th comment
On article Throwback Thursday: Minolta's prosumer DiMAGE 7 (177 comments in total)

It was a nice camera but later version had sensor failure problems. Unfortunately I missed the notice about replacement sensors so wound up tossing it in the trash. I would have cost hundreds of dollars to put a new Sony sensor in it.

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On article Grab a free copy of DxO OpticsPro 9 while you can (186 comments in total)

Odd that the Canon 7D Mark II, released over two years ago is not on the list of supported cameras. Apparently it isn't even supported in the latest version.

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I sure hope Pete makes a book of his photos.

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My do I miss the days of slide photography where "what you see is what you shot" and the skills of the photographer were predominant... not the skills of the software developer. When I captured an accurately exposed image of a rainbow, you can be assured that there was really a rainbow there, and that I had the skills to expose it properly, and that my composition and crop were the result of years of work and art.

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Whoo-hoo, but where is the price cut on the Lightning to USB Camera adaptor? Thanks for giving me a price cut on everything I don't need! Everybody now: ding dong the dongle is dead....

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Excuses, excuses. With a little bit of "let them eat cake" thrown in.
I can't believe WiFi can transfer images as quickly as a built in card reader. And I for sure don't want to have to carry all the adaptors now needed to plug any card reader or external hard drive into Apple's proprietary socket. I'm going to either buy a refurb prior gen laptop from Apple with USB3 or check out the Windows machines.

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On article Canon EOS M5: What you need to know (564 comments in total)
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zeratulmrye: Looks like an A6000 equipped with touchable selfie-screen + more controls + better EVF (at least more pixels, don't know about the magnification since no one ever mentioned it...). A6000 is $550 and M5 is $980, do all these features really worth the $430 price gap?

It would be really interesting to see what happened if Sony make a touchscreen version of A6000, but...seems like they're also pretty lazy recently. Two years for only one APS-C body, geez.

But don't forget that the a6000 you mention is a three year old camera and that the a6300, Sony's newest APS-C mirrorless is $998, somewhat lower in price than when it was first introduced. So the real price gap apples to apples is more like $18 in Canon's favor!

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Mais78: How do I know if Creative Cloud deleted any of my files?

Dr Jon, thanks again. I tried your suggestion. It worked and there were indeed files inside the directory.

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Mais78: How do I know if Creative Cloud deleted any of my files?

I can't tell. I type:
ls -la /.DocumentRevisions-V100
and get a message Permission Denied

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Mais78: How do I know if Creative Cloud deleted any of my files?

Thanks. I followed your directions and found that I still have .DocumentRevisions-V100 listed first in my root directory, so the CC glitch apparently did not affect me. Phew!

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Mais78: How do I know if Creative Cloud deleted any of my files?

Many of us are not computer experts and never look in the root folder (especially now that Apple has hidden it from us). I had no idea what was in the first directory was before the CC debacle, so if I check now, how can I know if anything was deleted?

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Dust and moisture resistant -- but only with FE lenses. What good is that? I bought into the NEX/alpha series for compact cameras and lenses.

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On article A classic reinvented? Domke Chronicle Review (126 comments in total)

Domke makes great bags but I wonder about this one. The price is way too high -- getting into Billington territory -- yet Domke now substitutes plastic clips and hardware for the metal parts they used to claim were critical to the function of the brand. ThinkTank, here I come.

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So I wonder how much better this is than using a graduated neutral density filter in post processing...

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The original Gura Gear Kiboko bag is the best bag I own (and I've got dozens). It replaced my LowePro Pro Trekker and several other backpacks and I've hiked miles with it full of gear. I only hope that the innovation that went into the GG bags is not lost.

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On article Metz mecablitz 26 AF-1 Quick Review (75 comments in total)

Any idea when this will be available in the US? It has been listed as "New Item -- Coming Soon" for well over three months at B&H and Adorama. (It may be six months. Regardless, it has been so long I've lost track.)

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On article Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge (727 comments in total)
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CameraCarl: Now if only Sony can get their warranty repair act in order....

Considering the large and growing number of posts about frustrations with Sony USA repair issues, it is encouraging to find some users who didn't have a problem. Hopefully I will be as lucky if/when I need my Sony serviced. By the way, I've been using Canons since the 1970s and have sent cameras and lenses in for cleaning or repairs countless times. It has never taken more than 10 days door to door; once I dropped three lenses off for cleaning at the Canon Illinois facility and when I got home an email was waiting telling me they had been shipped.

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On article Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge (727 comments in total)

Now if only Sony can get their warranty repair act in order....

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On photo A photo sent home from the eastern front in 1944 in the Faux Old challenge (64 comments in total)

Pardon me if this photo offends me, but isn't this reenactor depicting someone from the SS Totenkopf (Death Head) unit which was responsible for running concentration camps?

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