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  • so How can Nikon z get a higher score than eos r when the Nikon AF is questionable unreliable?

  • How has this camera got such a high % score when the AF system appears to be poor? Doesn't matter how well the DR, high-iso performance is... if it can't focus properly on a moving subject then its...

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    I’ve seen this with super high iso and artificial lights.
  • I mapped screen switching to evf toggle to the top screen illumination button
  • I tell you what is brilliant.  Selfie videos . i shoot 1080p so no crop for me. The video af is awesome
  • just  but I use a peak design wrist strap just in case I have a Bluetooth remote somewhere lost in my house. Keep meaning to find and test it
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    No. So far I can only trigger it manually. I’d love it to transfer to g drive automatixally
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    Yes. I don’t shoot raw
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    You get it up in the WiFi settings on camera. You put in your email and it sends you a link to the set uo
  • My original point was. If I can get the in camera profiles to do broadly what I do myself in LR,  then I could spend less time editting and just import images from camera straight to my iPad ...
  • i used to shoot exclusively in raw by recently found after buying a73 that JPEGs are actually good enough for what I shoot also I can’t really be bothered to do big edits anymore and my edits are ...
  • Keep both and use a sigma mc11. Im using my a73 +mc11+ 24-70 most of the time and my eos r gets my 50m 1.2 or my 70-200 (depending on situation) makes a fantastic mirrorless pairing.
  • Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t realise. :-)
  • i miss a joystick but can live without it  just takes getting used to  its better than 5d3 in my experience for my style shooting (mostly family, zoos, run and gun street)
  • I’ve tried continuos Af. Tracking a running toddler running in Low light. It’s ok tracking in AF WIDE mode but not mind blowing. Smaller focussing zones (eg zone centre) work much better. I’d say ...
  • I was equally underwelmed within the specs of the eos r (and I owned both an a73 and 5d3).  However in using the camera and realising how good the af is with f1.2 lenses in low light, it fully ...
  • So far I’ve had no bed for any af micro adjustment. My 50L1.2 used to have a bad focus shift. Ie it was spot on at f1.2 but used to back focus between f2 and f4. Its now always spot on. Similary, ...
  • Created discussion thread Pumping the whites in JPEG styles
    I edit my pictures in Lightroom. Generally I find I like to make minimal edits to the EOS R jpegs when on the standard style except I like to pump the whites up a little. Usually +20 to +40 ...
  • Created discussion thread WiFi backup
    Wanted to get views on the WiFi backup facility. I use lightroom and wanted to link eos r directly to my adobe cloud but can’t do that directly. Got a workaround though: Eos r backup directly to ...
  • Not sure exactly what you mean. But there is an AF mode button which by default brings up a selection screen to change mode ie between single, wide, zone etc... this is you can change with dial or ...
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