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I take months to research a product before purchasing it. My phone, camera, computer, etc. So I guess I'd catagorise myself as a 'maximiser'.

However, once I bought the product, I hardly look back. The things that I took months to consider before purchasing, I am incredibly satisfied with it.

It is the things that I bought with instinct and without survey, that I often regret. "Why didn't I do my research? That camera would have suited me more than this! Cost less too! This camera has features that I don't even need! That camera has features I didn't know I need!"

Whereas if I had done my research, I'd know that no matter what I've decided upon, I have thoroughly considered all my other options.

I'm happy that this guy has found his preferred way of purchasing products. But my point is it's definitely not for everyone. He has no right to tell us that his way is the right way.

If you too feel that this article is not right, you're not alone.

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On article Canon issues product advisory for PowerShot S100 (48 comments in total)

The Canon Malaysia site with the similar message:

I have one of the cameras affected with the lens error, and I won't be pleased if they offered anything less than a full replacement, a camera out of the affected serial number range.

It's not fair that two people can pay the same amount of money for the same camera, but one has a defected one and the other hasn't.

Kudos to Canon for acknowledging the issue and offering repairs, but repairing it isn't enough considering how many people has sent it for repairs more than once for their defected cameras.

Follow up with my repair experience of the S100 in this thread:

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On article Mirrorless camera buying guide (172 comments in total)

I'm only an amateur and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the biggest disadvantage of the 'mirrorless' camera the lack of a 'live' optical viewfinder?

That's what the DSLR basically means isn't it? Digital Single Lens Reflex = mirror that reflex light to the viewfinder, as well as the sensor. So when we say 'mirrorless', it essentially means that it lacks precisely that.

There's only 1 reason why the DSLR is monstrous in size... it's for that viewfinder. And when you remove the mirror, you sacrifice that viewfinder.

And hence that is the biggest drawback of the mirrorless camera. Isn't it self-explanatory?

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On article Dpreview product database now mobile (37 comments in total)

Camera, lenses and printer FEATURE SEARCH on mobile. Nevermind if it looks like desktop. And THEN the forums.

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On article Happy Holidays from dpreview (97 comments in total)

Come up with a flash database next. :)

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Already waiting for its replacement. It should have DIGIC 5, and I'll be very disappointed if it doesn't have a 24mm wide angle lens.

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