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On article Virtual Reality: It's not just for gamers anymore (140 comments in total)

VR also the current low-res Youtube type can be a very powerful tool for sharing spaces or experiences which cannot be shared as intense in 2D. For many years now we have the 360 degree 'VR' still photography which is common these days in the sales of real estate and architecture. Here is an early adopter in the classic car (!) trade who use 360 degree VR video to show short test drives of cars to their customers on beautiful multi media pages with great photos, texts, stereo exhaust note recordings and as they call it Virtual Test Drives: I think when the quality of the cameras improve and the way the footage can be hosted we are in for truly impressive shared experiences!

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On article Another Hasselblad rebadge or Photoshopped hoax? (185 comments in total)

Looks great and in my opinion, better than the A7(r)... Why? The Hasselblad logo fits much better on the 'pentaprism' than the Sony logo which looks 'lost' on it. The wooden handgrip also looks the part. For max $500 extra I would prefer it over the Sony... for 10.000? FOOLS ONLY!

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 review (523 comments in total)

Well this review took so long to conceived and posted... the RX-2 is already coming! ...

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The majority of the posters here don't read, they just... well you know.
Like some here understand and what has been written far, far below is that the RX 100 IS an invention. NOT as a camera but because of what BIG inventive accomplishment is inside! The mechanics and physics inside the RX100 retractable lens tube is very inventive, complex and clever. You must be a mechanical/optical engineer to fully understand how big an accomplishment it is to fit the 1"sensor, OSS, lenses, zoom mechanics INSIDE the retractable diameter lens tube. In operation the 2 stage lens tube is 72 mm long, collapsed only 34 mm in which all parts fold, slide and fit neatly together...

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Agree with the RX100 inclusion in the list. The inventivity is in the mechanical complexity of the two stage tubular lens barrel IN which lenses line up, a 1"sensor is housed, OSS is cramped in... All sliding back into the flatness, about 25 mm, of the very compact body when turned off. The precision of the parts is Swiss watch like. Of course the RX100 is not perfect, no industrial design is, but the goal of near APS-C image quality in a pocketable body has been achieved.

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On article Depth of Field in Macro Photography (158 comments in total)
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tr6me: Very interesting article, thanks! Another option is to work with a tilt belllows device for control of DOF and focussing plane.

Focus stacking and setting up macro compositions takes time. The insects in the photographs above were they drugged, glued to a leaf or... dead...?

P.S. Working with a DX sensor DSLR (instead of FX) gives a slight increase of DOF. Using a 24MP DX sensor would be ideal for macro.

@Erez - :-) - I'll stay tuned! @marike6 -thanks for the input!

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