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On article Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Review (178 comments in total)
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chillgreg: Thanks DPR for expediting the review, even if these collaborative efforts are 75% repetition of DCR. Better than nothing though! :)

I own the FZ200 and am absolutely thrilled with it. In some situations the IQ is not quite as good as the FZ35, but overall it's pictures and videos are excellent. And on occasion jaw-dropping!

Upon careful consideration of its main competitors, given its outstanding battery life, unmatched flexibility (60-1/4000 shutter, included hood, lens threads, HD high speed video, RAW burst etc), well there is no competition, really.

Of course the beautiful Leica glass is in itself is an engineering marvel. The 2.8 aperture should not be underestimated; there are many situations that other cameras just can't get the shot at all, or are forced into hand-shake territory or high ISO land...

As most experienced and intelligent photographers point out, a little (attractive) noise is not detrimental at all in the real world, especially when detail and colour are so well preserved.

In nearly all cases (early-build faulty units excepted), those complaining about noise either have unrealistic expectations, weren't using the camera properly, or live under bridges...

A simple search of the DPR forums quickly validates the incredible quality, flexibility and sheer fun this camera makes possible.

When I was researching cameras, I came across some truly mind-boggling astrophotography shots of constellations using the FZ200. Just wow!

PS DPR please correct the video length limit! In Oceania and Asia (at least) the AVCHD recording length is unlimited (battery and card capacity notwithstanding)

@chillgreg, the first person thing is a dcresource thing. It's been my "style" since the beginning. Sorry if it's a little confusing!

- Jeff

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On article Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review (187 comments in total)
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l_d_allan: I find the section on "Timing" and "How It Compares" to be ambiguous. Does "Above Average" mean it is better than the competition (faster) or that the LX7 takes an Above Average amount of time (slower) than its competition?

Above average = faster than the competition.


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On article Just Posted - Sony NEX-F3 review (129 comments in total)
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boogieboogie: Corrections to the differences table:

C3 ISO range: 200-12800
C3 Focus Peaking: Yes
C3 Face Detection: Yes

You're correct about the first two (which Barney should be taking care of), but the last one is for face recognition, not face detection. The NEX-F3 can "learn" a face and then give them focus priority.


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On article Just Posted: Pentax K-01 review (355 comments in total)
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Münchhausen: The only weird thing I can find about the review is that you have let it to somebody who isn´t familiar with Pentax gear, so a big part of this review sounds a little bit strange (like the remark of the by default "strangely" turned off distortion control - every Pentaxist knows how much this is slowing down things in Pentax cameras, as opposed to Nikon, for example). Could you please the next time "invite" somebody who knows his Pentax stuff.. :=)

I can only test cameras with the lenses that are provided to me. Pentax sends their review cameras out with the kit lens. I had asked for something nicer and they did not have anything at that time. Finally they sent me the 16-50 DA* lens, which ended up begin decentered, and worse than the kit lens 90% of the time.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V review (131 comments in total)
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Rubenski: DPR wrote: 'Good photo quality, if you don't look too closely'.

Come on guys, what kind of standard is this?!

What Revenant said.

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