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RMSantos: So, if instead of a camera, had the photographer handed the monkey a loaded gun, who would PETA claim as the author of the shooting??

In any righteous court Mr. Slater would be considered responsible for the murder.

He should likewise be the copyright owner.

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sebbe: Just to understand that law: if I set my camera to smile detect. The copyright of the picture will be owned by the one that smiles into my camera the first?

It's quite simple, the used law needs a revision first. On the other hand it's one single shot. Maybe Mr Slater should have learn his lesson earlier and just promote himself as the producer of this shot (and point the monkey was the photographer).

This photo *was* "created by a human being."

The photographer handed his camera (an expensive piece of equipment) to the monkey for the explicit purpose of getting a shot of it.

He conceived and planned the shot. He got exactly what he'd intended.

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On article Canon EOS M6 with EF-M 22mm F2 sample gallery (101 comments in total)
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HeyItsJoel: Why doesn't Canon's colors jump off the screen at me like Fuji and Olympus do? I'm not trolling. I used to shoot with a Canon 5D classic. I used to own the M3 briefly but I returned with the intention of getting the M6. Now, I'm not so sure anymore.

Joel, that's exactly what I was thinking - Olympus or Fuji lenses would give nicer, more beautiful images. Better to spend $500 on one of their lenses plus whatever body fits your budget, rather than spending nearly 80% of your money on the Canon body. I can get nicer images for $1000 - in fact I already do, with less expensive equipment I've already owned for a few years now.

I'm glad Canon has improved their low-end lenses lately - but still not enough to make me want them.

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vscd: I guess a 85mm f1.2 has more "bokeh" ;)

The Sony STF lens should have more blur; the bokeh circles from the Canon lens should be more distinct, even at f/1.2.

Take a look here to get a general idea:



and then here for an idea of the quality of the photos from an STF lens:


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robspeed750: HMMM maybe I won't get new wheels and tires for the car this year....

New wheels are usually a different size, requiring new tires.

It sounds like an optional purchase.

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Sacher Khoudari: Seriously, I prefer a camera with a bigger usable AF area. Some of my best shots are focused to something that is outside of that tiny area around the center.

Or does that book unveil the top secret button combination to enable all other 200 AF points outside of the center???

weber15 - I use the outer focus points when shooting runners, although I use them in other situations too, such as shooting indoor dance competitions.

In both cases, the subjects follow a relatively predictable path, which helps. But I would say this is true much of the time in sports.

When shooting runners - who are usually coming toward me - I change my composition (and thus focus point) depending on whether I have an individual or group approaching me at that moment. It does feel like a lot of work at times, but I wouldn't say it isn't worth it.

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'You know how I know this is a good lens? About 10 shots in I forgot I was supposed to be looking for technical qualities because I was just enjoying the pictures.

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Sacher Khoudari: Seriously, I prefer a camera with a bigger usable AF area. Some of my best shots are focused to something that is outside of that tiny area around the center.

Or does that book unveil the top secret button combination to enable all other 200 AF points outside of the center???

Thanks for the explanation, beatboxa, but in actuality it doesn't matter what the technical limitations are for off-center focus points. If that's how most photos should be composed (and it is), then a technical solution should be found. If good composition were a priority for the camera makers, they would have already found better solutions, regardless of how hard it is. But it isn't a priority, and everyone (photographers and photo viewers alike) suffers for it.

I'm generally OK with focus and recompose for static shots too (after all, what choice do I have?), but for action shots this doesn't cut it. Most action photographers settle for consistently mediocre center-focused shots, whereas I settle for a lower hit ratio of better composed shots. But why should either one of us have to settle?

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Sacher Khoudari: Seriously, I prefer a camera with a bigger usable AF area. Some of my best shots are focused to something that is outside of that tiny area around the center.

Or does that book unveil the top secret button combination to enable all other 200 AF points outside of the center???

Don't get me started. Canon needs a wide AF area as much as anyone. One of my pet peeves is the huge number of poorly composed action shots, because (apparently) the photographer doesn't trust anything but the center focus points!

Please, please, Canon, Nikon, and everyone else - don't let the photographer have a *technical* excuse for poor compositions anymore - let it be simply because he doesn't know any better!

I realize one can shoot wider, crop, and even heavily post process, but it's just not the same as getting good framing and DOF right out of the camera - especially in this fast-moving digital age.

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(unknown member): Look here DPR, I don't come here in order for you to make me think, if I wanted to think I'd go to the effing library. This is 2017, the job of proper artists isn't to engage in the political, ethical or cultural discussions, but to create pretty things that make us feel better about ourselves. So get with the programme DPR, and quit pushing Amazon's vile, lefty, environmentalist agenda.
Now, where the hell did I put that Hummer brochure.

Humor needs to have a close resemblance to reality - that's what makes it funny.

This one didn't strike me as funny, because of my perspective - but it was properly employed sarcasm (or irony, if you prefer).

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Sorry, Von Wong, but the best photo in the collection is by Anna Tenne - looking up at the couple and the baby. It's the only one that really caught my eye.

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C'mon folks, it's not that hard to think a little outside the Brownie box, is it?

Think video. A 2x tele is ideal for much video work. The standard iPhone lens is just too wide much of the time, and the built-in tele lens on the 7 Plus doesn't support OIS - plus many apps may not support its tele lens yet.

Think both recorded and live. Built in LTE and WiFi, as well as post production apps. 4K capability. You probably want to do minimal (if any) digital zoom at 4K. A high quality add-on lens can be essential in these circumstances.

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"The amount of detail it can capture is astonishing, but what I appreciated more was the 3D quality that so many pixels dedicated to a tonal transition can create. The curve of a ceramic pot or a person's cheek is described not only in the greatest physical detail but also in tonal and color detail, and that really adds something to the image."

Great comment; I noticed right away how much better than usual the sample pictures are - even viewing at less than 5 x 7 on my non-retina MacBook Pro.

As much as we may feel smart for getting a 35mm ILC and quality lens for 1/10th of the price, we should not let our enthusiasm confuse us into thinking they're "almost the same" - they're nowhere close to it.

Thanks to Phase One, hardware and software is being pushed forward for those who need it and can afford it.

Yet perhaps those who need it most are those who view the photos - those who have no control over the quality that's being presented to them.

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What's interesting is how much better it is than the IQ180. In fact I hadn't noticed this before, but in some ways the Pentax 645Z is as good as or slightly exceeds the IQ180 in the test scene.

But now the IQ3 100MP puts all questions of superiority to rest.

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thx1138: One this sensor shows, is that you have a hell of a lot of dust on your test scene, might want to give it a clean ASAP.

Seriously makes the 645Z look soft and mushy.

Yes, I noticed the dust too. It shows up on the 645Z as well.

The angle of the lens gets more of a 'top view' of e.g. the bottles, which makes the dust more prominent than, say, the the Canon it more prominent than - say - the Canon 5DS R.

But this camera clearly exceeds all other retail models.

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On article Getty Images asks court to throw out $1B lawsuit (97 comments in total)
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MichaelK81: In American court of law, it's not who's right or wrong, or what can be proven. It's who's got a bigger pocket to outspend the other party.

PeaceKeeper, that's perhaps the most pertinent response I've ever read to that type of comment.

Like having a tile kitchen floor with a few prominent stains on it, as opposed to a kitchen with a dirt floor.

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Max Iso: If they weren't all MF it might be more tempting to guys like me who are holding on to DSLRs. We have all heard the talk of dinosaurs and such but not having AF really is like going back to the 70s. Why remove one of the most revolutionary features ever added to cameras??? If i want to use MF for video or macro and such it's real easy, you flip a switch, but i want AF for other times. 20mm or not, this is a trend and not one that's very attractive.

It still has focus assist - really depends on your application.

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Now we're talking! Tokina glass, f/2, full electronic lens communication, de-clickable aperture ring on demand - I want one!

Now if only I had a Sony FE body ...

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Don't you dare shoot PEF instead of DNG on your Pentax, 'cause it ain't supported. And don't you dare send anyone's RAW files to Android, 'cause only DNG is supported.

I don't like this "just use DNG" approach, because it means it's likely the RAW processor won't recognize what camera model the file came from - therefore it won't apply any profiles or do anything else specific to that camera. When it supports the manufacturer's format you know it's likely to inspect (and correctly interpret) the specific camera model from the metadata.

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I like the idea of the Flex Zoom Lock. Sounds useful.

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