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Mdopp: I completely fail to understand why people call this a medium format camera. I used to shoot medium format myself - long ago on a Rollei 6008.
Classical medium format is 6x6. There are derivates (6x8 and 4x6) but 6x6 is what most people consider medium format. The frame size of 6x6 is more than four times larger compared to what we now call full frame (36x24) and you can clearly see that in the image quality.
But the Leica S-series is not 6x6. It is not 4x6 either - not even close.
They use a sensor size of 45x30, which is merely 50% larger than full frame (36x24).
Or to put it the other way around: Leica's sensor is roughly three times smaller than medium format (6x6).
I'd call this "full-frame plus", at most!
Obviously such a camera is in direct competition to full-frames like the Nikon D800 or the latest Canon offerings.

My thoughts, exactly.

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