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  • Sorry, Stefan   I do not have a Z6.  Perhaps others here can comment. Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • Replied in Pizza anyone?
    Fascinating... I find myself on the opposite side of most of your points.  Goes to show how uniquely we each see the world! Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshin ...
  • Another vote for the Voigtländer 35mm f/1.2 Nokton. Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • Replied in Free at last
    Lovely images and a terrific demonstration of what the M10M is capable of in the right hands!  Now you need the 75 ‘Noct and then the circle will be complete... 😂 Cheers, -raaj ------------------- ...
  • Congrats, Josh!  It is a terrific camera and I'm sure you/ll have a blast with it.  Look forward to your images. Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • And the Ricoh GXR M-mount module.  An excellent device, if only APSC, and perhaps a bit dated.  Mine still works very well... Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajsh ...
  • Replied in Disappointed
    Hi Thomas! Would it be ok if I Photoshop-ed the rainbow colored steam in? :-D Yes, there is a lot of color in CA and you have an ability to capture it uniquely. A word of warning - if you rent the ...
  • Thanks, Rodrigue!  The M10M makes it so easy... :-) Hope you and family are well and staying safe. Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • Hi John, thanks for your comment.  I can recommend the camera with no reservations! Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • Thanks, Irvin! I do not have the M10 to run a color comparison as I'm typically not interested in making color images.  I supposed I could shoot the same setup with the Z7 or the 645Z and send you ...
  • Thanks for your comment, JD. This was shot with the M10M... Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • +2!  I think technique, with a few small tweaks, will m are a huge difference.  The EXIF shows this shot at f/13, 1/25th.  Perhaps a wider aperture and higher shutter speed will help. The other ...
  • Created discussion thread Test Shot - M10M
    Test shot with the M10M.  SOOC.  Very happy with the tonal rendition. Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • Intravenously?   😁 Well done, Molly! Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • Congrats, Steve! Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • +2 to what Mark said above. To the OP: Not that I’ve personally even remotely come close to any level of mastery but my images when I started this photographic journey were far worse than what you ...
  • Replied in Eva
    A very expressive portrait with beautiful monochrome treatment. Well done, Gunnlaugur! Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • The right tools for the right job... Sometimes, as when one Is out on a glacier in 30 below, it is perhaps a good idea to leave the Audemars at home and have a G-Shock on your wrist. Cheers, -raaj ...
  • Thanks for sharing Alan's work.  He's got great images and a well-defined style. Cheers, -raaj --------------------------------------- http://www.raajshinde.com
  • I think the answer is  "depends".  If you're shooting where the goal is to finish and artistically interpret the final image in the digital darkroom, then shooting RAW offers maximum flexibility ...
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