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  • Nice set, sensitively shot. Well done, Louis! Cheers, -raaj
  • Very nice, Tony. I like 'em all. Your post on these is very appropriate. Glad to see some images of quality finally... :) Cheers, -raaj
  • Replied in IF
    In my experience, there's at least one moron in a crowd.  Usually more than one. :D cheers, -raaj ------------------------------- www.raajshinde.com
  • Hi there! My answer to your question is going to consist of a series of questions! 😀 Have you shot with a rangefinder before?  Do you enjoy the rangefinder experience enough to give up a very fine ...
  • Kudos to you both. And Paul, you're ok for a dude that doesn't hang out too much in museums... 😀 Cheers, -raaj
  • Best of the best? Very subjective. I suggest a Hexanon 60mm /1.2 as a start... Cheers, -raaj
  • Replied in Irakly
    +2! Irakly's contribution to the forum has always been valuable.  Hope his ban is lifted, in the interests of the community. Cheers! -raaj
  • "Some are able and humane men and some are low-grade individuals with the morals of a goat, the artistic integrity of a slot machine, and the manners of a floorwalker with delusions of grandeur" Ra ...
  • He wasn't "chased off".  His fragile ego could not take people challenging his BS. BTW, "Fawned" is accurate - there were people falling all over themselves to see cosmic meaning in his stuff, no ...
  • Created discussion thread Infrared Images
    A few forum members had written to me requesting to see images from my recently converted infrared camera. Here are a couple: These were made yesterday at the historic Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit ...
  • Added 2 photos to their gallery
  • Love these two - the first one has a superb composition and the second evokes a certain feel.  Well done! cheers! -raaj
  • Beautiful work, Rodrigue.   You are making the Q sing.  Beautifully lit and produced. Cheers! -raaj ------------------------------- www.raajshinde.com
  • Peter, these are excellent!  Love 'em all!  Well done! Cheers! -raaj ------------------------------- www.raajshinde.com
  • John, care to tell us why you think these are "well done and very, very nice"?  I personally find them to be totally pedestrian and without any virtue whatsoever. Cheers! -raaj -------------------- ...
  • Replied in Well.......
    +2 I see nothing wrong with that image on a postage stamp, dear Alex.  Could you please tell us why you find it objectionable?  [I'm genuinely asking and not being the smart alec that Irakly ...
  • Replied in Seriously?
    Seriously, dude, is pouring vitriol all you can contribute?  Reminds me of another individual from your part of the world (a great friend of Kostas') who seemed to have a similar demeanor.  I ...
  • Paul, Good to see you posting images again. Clearly this image evoked many emotional responses and that is excellent!  I think you did a great job of highlighting the human condition of this poor ...
  • Are you sure you're ok?  You actually used two quotation marks.... :D Cheers! -raaj ------------------------------- www.raajshinde.com
  • Irakly, There are many people on the forum (including me) that respect your work as a photographer. You risk that respect (and your credibility) by disseminating this sort of nonsense and calling ...
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