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  • > So rude

    Fully justified. Thoughts R Us is a Canon fanperson who is a serial liar and total nut case. He constantly spams comment threads to bury any negative comments about Canon; lookup his...

  • > ISOs of over, say 6400

    You didn't go over ISO 6400 because D750 images really start to deteriorate above that ISO.

    And by the way, I used to own a D750, and I used to work as a professional...

  • "Tru" employer Canon is the worst crippler of cameras ever. Let's review just some of Canon's greatest crippling jobs:

    All Canon 5D, 6D and Rebel models: Fuzzy pixel-binned video, heavy rolling...

  • There must be a patent out there for controlling menus via a touch screen on a camera, and Sony does not want to pay whoever has the patent.

  • > Put the D750 images up against any modern camera and
    > the vast majority cannot tell the difference.

    No, not true. It's just you, you can't see anything at all due to your head being...

  • Alex tK = Sore Loser

  • Alex tK: You have already lost this argument by a mile. Go find somewhere else to be a troll.

  • > Urbex Mark & Alex tK: ISO 51000; come on. Who actually uses that?

    How sad. Evidently you two have never owned cameras that perform well in low light at high ISOs. Just because you have gear...

  • You skewed the comparison by picking an ISO of only 6400 !

    Try the comparison at 51000 ISO (see link below). The A7III utterly destroys the D750 at ISO 51000 - also does the same even at ISO...

  • > I call BS on that.

    And we call BS expressing an opinion with no facts or actual knowledge to back it up. I used to own a D750, and I currently have several Sony A7 models. The D750 does not...

  • > Most couldn't tell the difference between a photo taken with a D750
    > and an A7III

    Dead wrong as usual. Your constant lying and personal jihad against Sony makes you a very ugly personality...

  • > was at least close

    When it comes to low light performance, it is not close. The Sony A7 III has the clear advantage. Don't forget I used to own a Nikon D750, I know exactly how it performs...

  • > It’s also worth noting that the D750 performs amazingly well

    It performed well in 2014; I know because I bought one at the time. It does not equal the latest cameras which have better high ISO...

  • > D750...[has] IQ that rivals even an A7 II or III

    It may rival the A7 II. It does not stand-up to the A7 III, at high ISO the Sony easily beats the D750. I owned a D750 for short time - the...

  • So according to you DPReview was lying about the Sony cameras having the pixel shift mode (see https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/sony-a7r-iv-review/6) ? And Sony itself as well, along with all the...

  • > Sony does NOT have in camera pixel shift mode in any camera.

    Bit misleading - Sony does have sensor shift high-rez mode in the Sony A7RIII and A7R IV. Unlike Canon, who chose to leave it out of...

  • > I think it is time for Thoughts to get a new handle

    He already has one, under the name "David Ramos".

  • I am not going to let Canon make me into a chump by giving them $4,000 for a poorly made unreliable camera. Look at the tear-down photos, they are pretty shocking - Canon made no engineering...

  • > allow others to tell you how to feel

    That's your department, telling people a bunch of BS regarding this camera.

    I rely on actual facts. Did you even bother to lookup the tear-down on this...

  • > generally speaking the R5 beats the a7R4 in:
    > accuracy and speed of AF, fps, color science, video options and quality lenses.

    Why do you keep posting the same lies over and over ? Got it, you...

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