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The K5 required so much focus tweaking that I want to see real word reports before switching to another K5 camera. You also can not just copy K5 settings to the K5II, you need to do this manually. Low light AF performance of the K5 just stinks, same for articifial light sources.
In most situations the K5IIs shows better performance in the test images compared to the K5 or K5II - checking many areas and especially the borders one wonders how much is due to sample variation of camera and/or lens - the K5II is basically the same as the K5 for me while the K5IIs looks significantly more interesting - even at low ISO.
This little improvement is worth mentioning as we can collect more information in the same file size. 36MP FF cameras are nice, but file sizes are killing.
What is missing in the Pentax lineup is a clear statement for APS-C or FF, at the moment the user is offered APS-C lenses almost solely, but awaiting a FF system. More serious lenses are needed as well along with a TC.

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Hasselblad went to the moon more than 40 years ago... long ago!
Sigma built a $500 camera around a $3000 sensor with the SD1 and failed.
Now Hasselblad wants to sell a $4000 camera built around a $1000 interior. Hasselblad/Sony will fail.
My camera has wodden grips and they are great. Hasselbald will sell a couple hundred cameras per year - I don't think that these numbers wil meet their expectations.
Hasselblad these days becomes known for "design features" like colors, material etc, not technology.

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If you want to minimize CAs for a monochrome camera, you need to optimize the lens. This will be a very technical lens, for special purposes, but the current lenses are still in production - nobody is forced to buy this lens or any Leica lens.

The old summicron 50 performs better than most modern designs.

This type of lens is indeed needed if you want as little distortion, as little CAs, ... as possible on any given sensor - most complains here are about price, special lenses have a special price tag. I like the idea that such a lens is available.I even have an application for it other than blowing money or collecting dots - Btw. M-lenses do not carry the red dot symbol.

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On article Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview (376 comments in total)

Leica M8 and M9 are heavier and dpreview has handled those. This is also not a micro 4/3 camera. I don't see any point in featherweight cameras. Pentax offers a different system in the feather weight class. Still, this little design offspring needs a serious big brother in the future.
The camera is integrated in a system that assumes a mirror in the path of light - I would expect new wide angle lens designs here. A real electronic viewfinder would be a breakthrough. Forget all your AF and on screen focusing.
Can this camera to anything else than look pretty (to some) and have no mirror???

"The K-01 is by far the heaviest mirrorless camera we've handled. Even more disappointingly, the lack of a sufficient hand grip makes it not only awkward, but uncomfortable to hold. While the red and green buttons atop the camera are customizable, it is impossible to actually reach the green one with your hand in a shooting position."

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