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johnami: Finally with all these better faster sensors and electronics we will all be able to capture images before pressing a button.

Because with all the technological advances, you still have to physically press a button.......☺.
Wait for the day when you can take a picture without a finger.......

The Olympus E-M1 offers this feature already. The camera starts taking pictures when you half press the shutter, once you press the shutter, the last pictures taken before are stored too.

Link | Posted on Mar 10, 2021 at 07:26 UTC
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tinternaut: Performance at f4 is going to be critical for this lens. If Olympus have nailed that, then they have a winner.

For portraits, adding a tiny 45/1.8 is a great addition. Gives you speed, shallow DOF.

Link | Posted on Feb 12, 2020 at 14:33 UTC
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(unknown member): I have never seen a digital M in use, ever. I read this and find it is troubled because its UHS II is a no go whereas all recent machines use UHSII with total impunity and the old ones I have from 2004-5 work with but no faster than UHSI. Which means one thing only: Leitz are incompetent digicam designers.

What is the least you can pay for this thing with a lens to entitle you to these problems??!! Answers on a postcard please to......

I have a M10 and am very happy with it. Not supporting UHS II is a bit disappointing but of not real consequence in real-world usage. The bug fix for SD cards is of course important.

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abi170845: Kodak still manufactured Leica's sensors? If yes, until when? if stopped, then who will substitute and will Leica charge these nutty prices?

Kodak sold off the sensor business last year already. So the Leica sensors are provided by an independent and supposedly healthy company.

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wb2trf: Leica cameras are bad and, more importantly, irrelevant in the digital age. One may as well have a political conversation about the Russian nobility. Leica's significance if it has any remaining, is as a lens maker. If you want to enjoy Leica lenses, buy a Nex and put it on it.

At base ISO, I daresay that the M9 image quality beats everything out there - only now to be challenged by the D800. So saying that Leica cameras are "bad" is putting it too easy.

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