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Have been using cameras since 10 years old... way back in 1958!! Developed my own B&W for 35 years and color from 1981 to 1990. Used an old Brownie box camera until around 1974 when I got my first SLR, the Fujica ST801. Wonderful camera. Haven't taken 'better' pictures with anything I have had since... just as good, but not better. That camera is still being used by the person I sold it to in 1980!

Since then, I have had a Pentax ME... twice! The first was stolen. Then a Pentax LX system from 1980 to 2000. Took many, many weddings and other pictures with that camera. Loved the Pentax 85mm, f:1.4 A* lens. Tack sharp. Could make 24 X 36 prints with pictures taken with that lens! That system too was stolen and I picked up an inexpensive Minolta Maxxum 5. VERY powerful camera, especially for the price!

Have had a Kodak 1 megapizel digital camera, a two megapixel Fuji... and the 5 megapizel Fuji E510, which I bought for The Little Lady. I just picked up a Sony A100 last August 30, 2007, and am learning to use it. The quality of digital is, in my opinion, still not up to film in general, but it is a heck of a lot handier, and easier to experiment with things that you would not try if you had to pay for the processing. Besides, the feedback is NOW, and that is the best teaching style. I lust for the A700 now that it is released, because of the advances is has over the A100. However, it was a bugger talking the Little Woman into the A100 when it was $599, and I fear the higher-level-brother will continue to be just a dream for me. I have to have something with built in Anti-Shake since I am a heck of a lot less 'stable' than I used to be. The Nikon/Canon route which only has selected, expensive lenses that are shake-free, really don't interest me, although the cameras themselves are good. And to think I used to be able to hand hold my 300mm lens and get a great shot most of the time!

I am also a fanatical audiophile (a pair of Luxman M4000A's biamping a pair of AR9's, and a Yamaha PX-2 turntable, Supex SDX-1000 mc cartridge... plus other related toys) and a devoted Amiga user, even though lately I have an AMD 955 4-core CPU machine running at 3.4 ghz with a reasonable graphics ATI 4850 card and 4 gigs of memory, an PCI Express X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series Sound Card shoved into a Cooler Master 932 HAF Full Tower Case sporting 5 internal hard drives totalling 3.5 T-Bytes. The other, a 2.5ghz AMD system, was bought for the Little Lady to do her ancestory. That was 8 years ago and still she has not even installed the danged program... I don't touch that machine if I can help it...

Still, I hate Windows, although some programs for it are fine... I love what Roxio Easy Media Creator does when it works, but I HATE the fact that it buggers up repeatedly doing some stupid things while creating DVD's and slideshows. Grrrr!

I have used Macintosh computers for and at work for over 20 years as well, and now ride herd on 31 Win7 machines in the Computer Lab, as well as others in the various classrooms at the school I work at. All those technophobes really take up a lot of my time.

As far as work is concerned, if interested, here it is:

I worked on the railway (The CPR... my Daddy did too) and in construction from 16 until I graduated from university when I was 25... it was a way to pay for my education. I never heard of scholarships... I never had a 'holiday' in all that time... either going to school or working to make money to go to school. ...just weekends off! I think about it now, and reach the conclusion that I must have been nuts.


I have taught since 1975 until today. I started with Grade Sevens for two years, then 7 years of a split 5/6, then a year of 4's, back to a 5/6 split, and then 4 years of Grade Sixes. I have taught only Grade 5's for the last 20 odd years. I teach guitar and pretend I can sing and play guitar. I actually figured it out... the amount of 'free' guitar lessons I have given at school over the last 35 odd years, would have totalled the cost of my townhouse! (When I had one!) :) Gee, I must be dedicated or stupid... your call! :D

Well, retirement has been pushed back 4 years. Sigh! June of 2012. I was hoping to actually retire BEFORE I hit 60, but I won't be able to do that since I am 63 now.. Have to put off my plans for spending a lot of time taking pictures, I guess. :( ....

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