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It's about darn time!

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jorepuusa: It´s great that professional photographers teach amateurs how to shoot. Then amateurs start taking pictures cheaply or pro bono and pros lose their jobs.
Pros go to schools, four years photography there and then they buy expensive gear and use money to get clients. And then some of them teach amateurs in web which causes the profession to collapse, that has happened all over and photography is a dying profession.

Lol, that was funny.

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Guidenet: Great article. Thank you. So many don't consider a single light as studio lighting or try Strobist when a single monolight might be a better alternative so Kudos for this. This type of thing just helps people think about getting into a home studio situation or even carrying a single monolight with a battery pack on location.

So many think you have to start with three, four or five lights. I started with two and have over six now, but don't use them all very often. Many times I take only one and a reflector into the field.

Again, Thank you and Kudos to DPReview and Thomas Park for a great job.

Hmm...I think there better one light demonstrations on the web. Specifically, Zack Arias has a good demonstration video of one light solutions. The photos here are overexposed and at times flat. There is a fine line between bleached photos and overexposed photos.

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