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WACONimages: Weird... No hotshoe, but in the specifications here above they write; External flash: 'Yes (via Multi-Interface Shoe)'

Will the built-in flash being able to trigger any external flash? Love this camera, but without the possibility for proper fill-in flash would be a shame.

playmemories shots work as green auto mode only.

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On article Beginner's guide: shooting high-key at home (72 comments in total)

"and check the histogram on your camera's LCD to make sure you're not over exposing"

For the novice, real novice-- how about--

what would the different histograms look like?

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The grouse I have with the playmemories app (at least on IOS) is that it only shoots photos in 'green' dial position mode..

I want a remote for shake free long exposures... It's like they deliberately setout to frustrate people who do hdr & long exposures.

With my dsc-rx100mII I cannot use the 2/10 sec delayin combination with long exposure/bracketed shots settings--
and I cannot use the wireless smartphone 'play memories'
to do either of these shots, what I really wanted, but as soon as I connect, it goes into 'green' mode-- all picture settings automatic as determined by camera..... GRUMBLE

also, there is no WIRELESS remote available for this camera, only a tethered one..

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lucavascon: Nothing new here. Pentax proposed an even nicer concept some years ago,but many other did. http://www.sandydan.com/photo/wide/sphere/nikonlrg.jpg
Stitching two emispheres brings some problems to the final result. You need a quite perfect fisheye lens, with a very corrected CA and fringging down to the very border. Let's say more. You need more than 180 degrees, 200 at least, an incredible flare resistance and a very precise exposition and synchro of WB, or you will ALWAYS see the stitching seam, fisheyes must be closer or you will have a large blind area!
Then is better to use a squared, or a 4/3 sensor, in order not to throw away a lot of black pixels. Let's say they use a 24MP apsc sensor. The circle dia would be 4000 pixel. Cut edges, overlap area etc. and you end up with a 3500x7000 panoramic image. I stitch panoramas since 1998, and project software and panoheads since 2003. I've seen it all, nobody is doing a really GOOD non-stitching camera


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Zvonimir Tosic: For all that what it offers, this camera is really cheap. An aperture ring, dof scale, I guess buttery manual focus and gorgeous overall quality.
For those who know what they get with it, this may be a camera of a lifetime, for a lifetime.
Excellent work Sony.

My DSC-R1, still in constant use, still gets the best compliments for beach shots of anything I've ever owned....... Six years -- define lifetime?

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christiankoehler: A camera like this is called "higher spec" now?

In my opinion a p&s needs to have a good full auto mode. But I never understand the benefit of these scene modes.
What is the difference between "portrait" and "beauty"? Should I use "dog" or "cat" mode if it is an elephant? Why not just implement PASM modes? Manufactors obviously think buyers of compact cameras are idiots. But this is a $400 camera. For that price it should have a 1/1.8'' sensor, RAW mode, manual focus and manual/semi auto modes.


Learn to use google- then be afraid
Depending on your camera, you may have features that lend themselves to portraiture. There are PORTRAIT Scene modes and some cameras have a BEAUTY shooting mode that finds a person’s face and gives the skin a smooth look. In the Playback menu, your camera might have a BEAUTY FIX function. BEAUTY FIX has four options for “retouching” a portrait in-camera.

ALL – Applies all of the function below at once.
CLEAR SKIN – Makes skin look smooth. The levels are SOFT, AVG, and HARD.
SPARKLE EYE – Slightly enlarges the catch light in the eye.
DRAMATIC EYE – Slightly dilates the pupil.

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DanCart: I really dont get it, why is it that Apple refuse to add an SD card slot to their device ? Its a joke in this day and age that you have to start fiddling with plug in accesories to transfer photos, come on Apple show some common sense !

@pdelux (stupid one tier reply system)

I was a major Sony fan in the 80's and what are you talking about?

The only devices I can think of with proprietary headphone connections were the mini-disc players. If you wanted the remote/on the cord controls (which reasonably would be proprietary as there was no 'standard' for that feature)
BUT-- they still accepted standard headphones-- the extra bit wasn't mandatory to use it...

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Joe M Amadas: 2012 - the year most people skip upgrading and go for the price reduced 2011 models if they need a new super zoom.
And 420 Euro = $565 for a HX30V is just crazy - most retailers won´t even bother...

I see it as $420.00 straight-- not euro?

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On article Nikon D4 & D800: What do the Professionals Think? (390 comments in total)

" astounded that the D3s didn't allow me to monitor my audio in any way."

Think outside the box man!
there are plenty of external microphones with a built in headset jack..

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michael2011: Most of you are missing the point. G+'s higher resolution support doesn't mean a thing if you don't have friends and family there to see them. They may like your beautiful pictures, but most won't ditch FB or open another account on G+ just so they could follow your picture posts. People who would because they are into photos are already on all on Flickr.

One of their biggest expenses for FB now is probably on the storage and transmission of photos due to huge popularity of their service, hence the recompression of images. G+ doesn't have this cost issue because not many people are using their service.

I think FB's 960px for default display size is fine. It suits most laptops and desktops pretty well. Problem is with their recompression. Although I think it's still very good for mobile phone viewing, IQ loss is a little too much for desktop viewing. I hope they improve on that going forward.

"G+ doesn't have this cost issue because not many people are using their service." -- even if they had the same volume of users & usage as facebook, I don't think the cost of storing that many PHOTOS would matter to the same folks that are storing video for the internet at large.

(48 hours of video is uploaded every minute http://www.youtube.com/t/press_statistics)

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On article CES 2012: Sony stand report (25 comments in total)
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Alex West: I visited the booth. Big let down from Sony. Lots of good employees no longer work for Sony and the new ones don't see to know much about photography. They kept pushing that silver 500mm G-series lens that has been vaporware for years and years now.

Have to agree with the other posters that the wait for the NEX7 is also frustrating. I canceled my order because the new Fuji will most likely hit the shelves soon and have better prime lenses to use during launch. Shame because I love my HX9 Cybershot.

I didn't see that dual screen clam shell tablet that Sony showed last year. Anyone know what happened to that?

Also what happened to OLED TVs from Sony? Is Sony struggling as a company because of the Earthquake / Tsunami or are there other reasons?

Can someone explain the "Men is Black" thing they were pushing? Nobody understood it. Thanks.

the sony tablet? you can buy one

mostly released in the UK already... they now call it the "Tablet P"

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