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Tom Cody: It seems to me that DPR is being very biased on the new Nikon 1. If you remember back when the Nex 3/5 first came out, DPR gave them very low scores (65 or 66% I believe), then after a firmware upgrade, the score went up to 70%.

Here are a few quotes from the Nex 3/5 review:

…We weren't impressed with the cameras when we first encountered them but an unexpectedly significant firmware update has dramatically improved the shooting experience for enthusiast users…Where the NEXs really impress is the PASM modes where you can take full advantage of the large, very capable sensor…

Well, the Nikon 1 does not have PASM modes or a large very capable sensor, and no firmware upgrade will ever fix that.

So if DPR uses the same logic and reviews the Nikon V1 from the same perspective as they did the Nex 3/5, then you would logically expect a score <65%.

Don’t count on it, DPR is clearly is biased and I'm betting they will give the Nikon 1 a 70% +

it does not have a PASM button. Its in the menu system.

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Razgriz: My word look at all of the complaints about the size of sensors and speeds of lenses and unfavourable apertures.

I thought it was all about the moment, framing and the capture.

I wonder if Rembrant or Picasso made the same critique when some new paint brushes appeared on the market?

Just a thought!

was there not controversy re.sable or squirrel, camel, ox and pony, or even goat bristle? P'haps Rembran(d)t did protest after all ...

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