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Just looked to some picture at 100%.
No miracles, ISO 64 looks similar to ISO 2000 on EM-5 II.
Pocketable, nice computations ideas, cost like a full frame ;)

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It's funny, statement title. Even Pixel XL samples (taken from Dpreviev review) looks ridiculously poor compare even to a cheap 8-10 years old point and shoot cameras.

Yes, smartphone camera is very useful, instant to share, huge market that create competition and improvements. But it is still far away in a quality terms.

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I am very pleasured to use both OMD EM-5 and EM-5 MkII. I am sure EM-1 is great product, even more. Look: most of the market started to use 5 axis sensor IS, OMD style appearance, removing mirror VFs. All these pioneered by Olympus. Don't be fooled by all the trolls below, Oly cameras are a great products.
Congrats to a very creative Olympus team, keep breaking old stereotypes!
...just a bit wondered with 19 elements, 25 f1.2, may be I don't understand something, but, is 19 elements justified and not "overkill" solution?

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Tord S Eriksson: Never in my life have I seen less inspiring sample shots, bar one or two of the cats, and a couple of the B&Ws. The rest feel flat, and grey, and/or underexposed.

Can't believe the camera is responsible for such uninspiring photos, but I might be wrong.

So for now, it will stay in the ' possible purchase' tray, not the 'want one now!'.

Dpreview's sample shots are bad for all cameras.
Look for another place to decide.

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Very good camera for stills, it would be very nice to have one.
But, I'm just wondering, why joystick and not a touch screen?
Is it a big deal to add a 4K video?

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Interesting idea, with some drawbacks... clever marketing.
It will not replace DSLRs or mirror-less system cameras.
If Apple, Google or Facebook will pick it, they will have a good chance for a smartphones.
It is not for Nikon, Canon etc., for sure.

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Boris F: Five Girls

hhhhh... :)))))

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Five Girls

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Very nice!

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"...potentially allowing in-camera processing to replicate the effect of a polarizing filter but without the light cost..."
Optics cant work in this way. For sure it is for other applications, not for a still cameras.

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Boris F: What is a murky sample images? 85%?

Another review for comparison

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What is a murky sample images? 85%?

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Great job Barney and James!
Really new way to make reviews.
Fun and useful :)

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Betarover: To make an informed decision it is best to read the opinions of other reviewers. says "The Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II is arguably the most satisfying all-round camera I've tested to date, whether DSLR or mirrorless.".

He has landscapes comparing the 16MP to the High res mode. Please take a look and make prints for yourself. I have had printed a 24"x36" of one of them in both modes. Yes, the hires is a bit sharper. But I found my eye must be within 10 inches of the print to see the improvement. At a normal viewing distance for this print size no one would notice.

So my conclusion, based on actually bothering to make a 24"x36" print of a Cameralabs image, is that sharpness beyond 16MP will never be noticed in a huge 2'x3' landscape hanging on a wall. Few of you will print larger than this. To be wanting even more sharpness is like shopping for a new car with a microscope to see which car has the smoothest paint.

OM-D E-M5 II is ePhotozine editor's choice.

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Very good. I'll consider to by it. Just will wait for a Photozine review.
DP review team: what about your lens reviews? Almost nothing ;(

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Brilliant and ingenious :)

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Why not 4/3 sensor? Only for 2.5% difference.

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LVPhoto1: The most expensive camera...Makes you a professional photographer; if you teach photography...tell all your students to buy the most expensive camera’s and at the end of the semester you’ll have very few students. And you won’t be teaching anymore. Pun intended:)-'

A pro with a point and shoot will leave you in the dust.

Happy Holidays;....

pay attention, your site:
portofolio->events-> pict 12 (?)

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Boris F: Nice camera, top IQ, cheers Oly!
Personally, as OMD EM-5 owner, I'll wait for OMD EM-7 with a next generation sensor, HDR, focus peaking and WIFI.
For now, I like my E-M5.

Hi Alejandro,
E-M5 has no phase detection AF. It is use a contrast detection auto focusing. So focus on flat colored object can be unsuccessful.
I thought before, that phase detection + contrast focusing is an advantage (EM-1 use both). But, look on recently released Sony A7 and A7r. Most advanced camera from these two is with contrast detection AF only.
Sometimes contrast detection AF can be an advantage, for example on fast moving object with automatic AF area selection (birds for example).
Hope it is help. In any case both cameras are pretty cool. Let’s say, EM-1 is more advanced from two. But I already have E-M5 :)

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