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cgarrard: Changed the focus distance with firmware. Now that is interesting. Why did they hold back this whole time? Shouldn't that have been available since day one or, am I just totally missing something here?

I am a long time Nikon shooter and have had A LOT of Nikon cameras and lenses (stilll have, but fewer) and for me it is clear:

Nikon does NOT make the best they can ( I thought they did the first years I was a Nikon shooter), they are afraid it will cannibaliize other cameras, so therefore we sometimes get not so good stuff.

But another thing: I had the A for 14 days, and I loved the colors and the interface was easy for a Nikon shooter, but suddenly dust turned op in the pictures, and I was also not so happy with the AF, at least it could be better, so I send it back and bought the GR, and it is good, very good, but:

I miss the Nikon colors, so IF the AF is better now, I could think about buying it again, therefore I hope anybody could answer this question:

HAVE anybody tryed the AF after the update ???

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umanemo: This throws me, why is it that the DPR; NEX 7 image sample blows away the RX1r sample. In fact that NEX 7 sample blows away just about every studio sample - even the 800e?

I almost qualified the NEX 7 for purchase just for this reason, but the real world of the NEX just didn't stack up. Did DPR just get everything right in the NEX 7 studio test? They really botched the FUJI X's in that case.

NEX vs OMD vs FUJI X... You guessed it. I'm very astounded by the IQ of my X-E1. I'll "Keep the Change!"

Portable "Red Dot" I.Q., for allot less "M"oney!

You are right - the Nex 7 blows everything away in this comparison - I only say this here, because I wanted the Sony Rx1r, but now after looking at the comparison shots in the test ??

Added later: But try to look not just at the comparison, but also the sample gallery as I just did after this post - the RX1(r) has a character that the Nex-7 does not have - there is a certain "touch" I like.

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The 8mm focuses quickly, accurately and near-silently, just as we've come to expect from Panasonic's Lumix lenses. It shows fairly pronounced focus breathing, with the angle of view getting narrower on focusing closer. This has little practical impact, but does result in a visible 'jitter' during autofocusing when used on the Olympus bodies.""

What does :

"......but does result in a visible 'jitter' during autofocusing when used on the Olympus bodies.""

mean ?


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Ignace: Some background: I'm a proud owner of an old OM system. Bought my first digital (Olympus E-30) last year. Great camera. Ridiculously horrific ownwer's manual--pure garbage.

New to digital, I needed something that a human being could actually understand. Based on the garbage manual, I swore that I would never buy another Olympus camera.

Then, doing research on the Nikon D7000, I noticed the new Olympus EM-5. Based on the exhaustive DPREVIEW, the quality of the pictures is better than any APS-C camera available for comparison! (If I'm correct, the otherwise excellent review should have made this point clearly!)

So, I am seriously considering the EM-5. Before I hit my head against the wall again, however, I wonder if you, more experienced EM-5 users, could help me with some info:

--Is the Owner's Manual actually comprehensible, or another piece of garbage?

--Can anyone confirm that the Leica lenses used by the Lumix cameras are also "AOK" for the EM-5?

Thank you so much!


Yes, it is more even, but some details are better from the Oly M5, I think

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