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openskyline: This is just a start guy, don't worry, they will put it on all the high end Lumia phones from now on. Think about it :), why wouldn't they.

In addition, may be other phone company will follow Nokia and start putting R&D effort in their cameras !

Nokia FTW!

The thing I worry about for WP is that Microsoft very strictly controls the supported hardware. If Nokia is lucky, they will be able to negotiate an exception to integrate their sensor processing HW with the Qualcomm chips mandated from MS. If not, then there will be no PureView until Nokia licenses it to Qualcomm.

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Kametori: Even if real photos are half as good as promopictures thsi will be the best cameraphone and faraway from competitors. I think it's somehow sad that Nokia put this with poor display and (not so poor anymore) belle symbian. But the camera is something that is amazing. Hope microsoft understand that they have to loose some HW requirement limitations asap to get this in windows phone.
When Nokia gets this to better body with 4.6/7" amoled in Lumia 800 design there will be real killer products for other MS phones, androids and even iPhones. Nokia still knows how to make phones. Kudos

I don't think screen resolution ought to impact much on the camera performance - most compact cameras have low resolution screens as well.

Apart from web browsing I must say I personally don't see much benefit in high res screens on phones. Yes they look nicer, but realistically you have to push all those pixels around with consequent processing and power impacts.

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fberns: 1) When pixel-binning, I would wish (besides jpeg) for enhanced dynamic range in the output file, a "pseudo-raw file"!
So you could benefit from that when working on the files later. This will maybe not be essential on a phone, but if the pixel-binning-technique would make it into more serious cameras.

2) The noise at ISO800 seems not better but worse than on my (smaller) 1/1.7" compact sensor camera at the same ISO.
Did they not scoop out the potential of the pixel binning here or after all, will the smaller and averaged pixels just result in the same noise and only offer an increase in flexibility of how to use the pixels?

The preference to keep noise started with the N8, according to Damian at the time. Personally I think the noise looks rather grain-like rather than the usual chroma noise that you see on phone cams.

I quite like the appearance of it!

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Damian D: Thanks everyone for some excellent comments and feedback.

I just wanted to clarify that the images we [Nokia] have captured thus far and any that you find on the net, were taken using prototype hardware with software which is not yet finalised. This is especially relevant with regards to low light which has not been optimised at all...yet. We are working actively on that area right now. It's extremely interesting to read the opinions relating to noise filtering and detail retention. Thank you.

best regards

Damian Dinning - Lead Program Manager, Imaging Experience - Nokia

Mr D, when you think the firmware is ready would you be able to ensure DPReview is sent a review handset?

I'm sure we'd all love to see proper resolution charts and performance measurements - phone sites generally haven't a clue how to test cameras.

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