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Photoman: At least Nikon ain't as stagnant as Canon...or are they? Fuji and Sony are the leaders of the future and that scares Nikon and Canon. Remember Kodak, Polaroid, Agfa. Once big but now very, very small.

I also have a F5, D3 and D700 (D3x as well)! I'm pretty sure if someone gave me a F5, my images would look exactly the same : )

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Kind of makes the Inspire look silly lol. At least this new quad doesn't have retractable arms that only function are to look cool. Cool product even if I can't stand the company.

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On article FAA proposes regulations for commercial drone usage (119 comments in total)
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Mark Banas: Only a matter of time before the self-navigating control systems (used for following GPS waypoints, emergency landings, beacon tracking) in the bigger consumer units, are *required* to have a limiter built in for the country they are operating in. (Like getting FCC frequency approval for radio devices.) Basically, some kind of external override that makes the drone stop mid-flight if the pilot tries to fly over an airport, military base, or the government buildings. Naturally, big sports franchises will also want these beacons, and some enterprising geek will make a "drone killer" remote.

A number of flight planning software won't allow you to upload a flight plan to the drone if it fall within restricted airspace.

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On article FAA proposes regulations for commercial drone usage (119 comments in total)

When the FAA talks about regulating multi rotor remote piloted vehicles, there needs to be better clarification as to what commercial is. Making money should not be the determining factor, if safety is really paramount. RC planes fall into the hobby category and are self regulated by organizations like the AMA. To a point though, at a certain weight the plane is no longer considered appropriate for hobby use. The weight never seems to be much of a issue though. Those flying large traditional aircraft require good piloting skills and most beginners would never consider flying a 50lbs turbine jet lol! But "drones" seem different. Everyone's buying into the koolaid they all fly themselves. Well they do, until they don't. They alway fails for one reason or another. With proper procedures and piloting skills, this really isn't an issue. But that's the case for a professional operator. I would say any multi rotor over 500g be considered commercial. Start from there.

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Seriously there's no way this will go 25min. Given the motor type, props and battery I'm guessing around half that.

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On article DJI launches Inspire 1 drone with 4K video recording (94 comments in total)
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Martin Datzinger: That looks sooo bad-ass! :D

Really bad-ass is being built in my basement : ) 1300mm X8, 28" propellers and Tmotor U8pro motors. It's like flying 8 lawnmowers lol!

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On article DJI launches Inspire 1 drone with 4K video recording (94 comments in total)
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PhotoKhan: I thought this was THE one but, hélas, it is not:

"Maximum Flight Time: Up to 18 minutes."

(...up to...)

Until this can be solved (...and it can't, with current weight-to-performance batteries technology...) this will only have limited appeal.

I use multirotors that can fly for over an hour with either an EO payload or ever lidar. There's a catch though. Big motors, really big propellers (28") and massive battery capacity. It's not really so much a technology issue as it is an aerodynamic efficiency problem with smaller propellers turning at high rpm's.

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On article High Flyer? DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone Review (182 comments in total)
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Shaun Bell: My only comment... Fly away lol! Seems DJI autopilots don't like to stay on lease : )

That's funny. This guy said the exact same thing...

Well, it was actually a week after we had talked. Been flying DJI since the first WooKong's hit the market. Own 6 of them along with a S800/Zen. There's all kinds of issues of failures that aren't pilot error. But it's the pilot's responsibility to know these issues and deal with them. Never had a crash, but that's from dealing with problems early. DJI never admits fault, ever. And along with zero service they make me a bit crazy. They do come out with some awesome stuff though. The Zen we the first real gimbal that actually worked and the Light Bridge is a crazy bargain! It's like camera brochures, only believe about half and you're good.

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On article High Flyer? DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone Review (182 comments in total)

My only comment... Fly away lol! Seems DJI autopilots don't like to stay on lease : )

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On article High Flyer? DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone Review (182 comments in total)
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christiangrunercom: Overall a good article, but I have some stuff where I think the reviewer have missed the mark by miles.

1: battery life: 17-20 mins is quite good with current motor/battery technology. High end aerial platforms capable of lifting Red cams will not go much above 10-13 mins tops, on average around 6-8 minutes with counting in safe margins for descends, landing and general emergencies.
2: Raw and video desaturated: That's raw files do, they give you a choice. The same goes with the video. Would rather have flat footage, with latitude I can play with, than crushed shadows/highlights.
3: The DJI phantoms are not a platform one would use for b-roll. It's simple not good enough, video-quality wise. The lens is distorting heavily, IQ will be destroyed by software lens correction.
4: You have almost completely omitted the laws on UAV/UAS operation. Just because it can go to 13xx feet, doesn't mean it's legal. Respect the law and peoples privacy.


Actually, most of the serious filming rigs with Reds of MIII's are lucky to get 15min. But that's the norm for filming.

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On article High Flyer? DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone Review (182 comments in total)
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Skydronetech: The Phantom is a decent MR, but there are much better options if you are truly serious about AP. My 680mm hex flies for nearly 30 minutes with a gopro and 20 minutes with a Sony NEX. I would also suggest you check out the new Scout from Walkera if you are considering the Phantom.

What are you flying??? That's amazing flight time! What's the payload? Nex? and a gimbal? A lot of questions, but that's really impressive flight times.

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What's with the huge box on top of the gimbal? Are they kidding? A three axis gimbal controller in tiny, what's all the space for? They should stay out of the gimbal business and stick to cameras lol!

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If Wacom is reading this, how about a Lipo battery and wireless? Now that would be sweet!

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Francis Carver: Wow, one thousand dollars for THIS 8-bit color fidelity little display? Wacom seems to be in denial, not wanting to recognize products from Apple and the host of tablets and touchscreen maker offerings. Predatory pricing in this product segment is over once and for all, I believe.

I think for people like myself that use large Cintiq's on a regular basis, this is a pretty cool device. Of all my equipment, the Cintiq's give me the best return on investment except for our large format printers. To be able to use the same editing system out of the studio is awesome. Not all's rosy with wacom though, I own a 12" Cintiq which is a POS. Too many cables and adapters to make it useful for on site editing. It sits in my storage area collecting dust. As for 8bit, I would never use any of my Cintiq's for color correction, that's what the main traditional monitors are for. But 8bit ins't an issue for editing. IPad? That's for the Camranger and that's it lol!

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Sdaniella: Anyone seasoned/mastered direct 'digital image' sensor exposure determination in the last 12-13 years (PowerShots since 2000, or EOS LV dSLRs since 2005) with Full M/M ISO will be very familiar with 6D's 'digital era' ExpSim LV (or 'digital era' ES-LV of PowerShots) with its EOS-1 Dual controls... and non-interrupting menuless exposure determination creative adjustment controls... 'live preview'... aka (2012/2013)... Canon's "Final Image Simulation" (new name for Exposure Simulation 'ExpSim' LV (Metering Mode/Range: Real-time Evaluative metering with the image sensor); but a longstanding feature since 2005-EOS-LV-dSLRs and 2000-PowerShot dcams)

repeat, reiterate, improve... continue...

PowerShot users who are Full M/M ISO-Savvy will be comfortable with any EOS LV dSLR, including the ExpSimLV 6D... ExpSimLV XXXD/XXD/M, ExpSimLV 7D, ExpSimLV 5D, ExpSimLV 1D...

none of the Nikons even have EOS-1 Dual controls, never mind the 'odd few' that have Full-Time ExpSim LV... (D3/D4)

Talk about working backwards lol. I like to see how that ESLV works with manual strobes? Talk about wasting time! How about use the proper exposure and stop messing about.

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On article Nikon D4 & D800: What do the Professionals Think? (390 comments in total)
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Sdaniella: D4 = ExpSim LV (maybe; most likely for stills and video); more MP than past 12Mp but only a bit; allows for fast fps still; but not fastest; video now 1080p, but DR poor, too contrasty, blowouts hard to control, not good for cinematography.
D3s = ExpSim LV (stills; video, but only 720p); resolved less than 5D2, a given; but had better hi-ISO IQ; good AF
D3x = ExpSim LV (stills); hi-MP (but IQ iffy; resolves less than 5D2 at higher ISOs); AF iffy.
D3 = ExpSim LV (stills); lo-MP (but IQ superb at higher ISOs; but resolves less; a given; offers higher fps (for lo-MP; this is a given)); AF good.

D800 = NO ExpSim LV (for neither stills or videos; like D700, but D700 only lacked video); but now has very hi-Mp; IQ will only be good at lower ISOs; lesson learned from D3x, and best left for studio. video only as good as D4 or less; also too contrasty and hard to control DR unremarkable for cinematography. AF be similar to what D3x faced for hi-MP. Much cheaper than non-ExpSim LV 645D or any MF

Really? Iffy IQ and AF for the D3x and out resolved by a 5DII? I can tell by your pictures you must be an expert.

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Conrad567: My problem is I don't like the style of photography that an NEX requires. Holding a camera at arms length and pushing buttons to change the aperture or shutter. The endless menus etc. It is crazy. I like to set up a camera and then shoot on the fly old school like. Sony simply fails at basic understanding of how a camera should function. Fuji has returned to photographies roots, independent shutter dial and an aperture ring on the lens. These mechanics take design and components that simply adding another electronic motor and button don't Sony cheaps out and makes an unusable camera in my OPINION. That is why this camera costs more and that is why people like me have been waiting for years for someone like FUJI to make. I can hardly wait for mine to come. I could never afford the LEICA offerings but I could afford the Contax G2 if it were around today...I only hope and pray that this camera lives up to expectation, if it does then it is a BARGAIN!!!

From a owner of a Sony NEX 5n, I have to agree. I hate using it. Bad ergonomics, menu's (too many), access to functions... It is a great aerial platform body though, which is why I purchased it. Pretty hard to find something as light with good IQ. So it's going to stay on the multicopter. I'll definitely be looking at the Fuji, looks very promising as a general purpose body so I can leave my work cameras at home.

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On photo IMGP0957 in the High IQ landscapes, number 3 challenge (9 comments in total)


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On photo IMGP0957 in the High IQ landscapes, number 3 challenge (9 comments in total)

One more to make you feel better lol! This one almost placed last. Now it's not fine are, but look at some of the other entries. Just remember when you enter these challenges you can't take it personal. My partner would give me hell ever time I would enter.


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On photo IMGP0957 in the High IQ landscapes, number 3 challenge (9 comments in total)

I know how you feel!

Placed 113th. Can't believe how many people gave it .5 rating. Didn't think it was that bad!


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