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"With good enough image quality, would you consider a built-in lens camera as your only camera?"

Of course. And size doesn't matter. FZ1000, RX10, RX1. X1. X2, X100s. X100T are all fine fixed lens cameras.

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I just tried it. Had to change the .dng suffix to .jpg to get Revel on my laptop to 'see' it however. Is that how you did it? Added it to my camera roll on my iPad and Photoshop express then edited it as it would a jpg. Managed to get the highlights toned down and a few other adjustments.

Image was from a Nokia 1020. Complicated procedure but results were OK.

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joeyv: Faster than even the fastest pro dslrs. Unmatched telephoto reach w/ ft1 adapter. A unique tool that gives photographers new capabilities. And it all fits in the palm of your hand. (Well, not quite.) if you can't see the possibilities, you sure are missing something.

Absolutely on the button. I earn my living as a photographer and there are things I can do with the Nikon 1 system I can't do with any other camera. It's blazingly fast, unobtrusive, decent image quality at low ISO's and has some great lenses. I really don't understand what people object to. If you don't like it and it doesn't work for you, buy something else. It's not as if we're struggling for an alternative.

If more people bought into it, the system would be cheaper, which would be nice, but if it does remain expensive then I for one will make my money back on it several times over.

A camera system for photographers who like to let the pictures they create with their gear define them rather than the gear itself. And no it doesn't do everything but what does?

Finally I've never understood why enthusiast photographers are so unenthusiastic about cameras other than the one they own.

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It does in my case, but then I've been doing it for a long time and I have 10's of 1000's of images online. Just how many 10's I'll keep to myself, but stock photography is how I make my living and accounts for 90-95% of my income.

However as I said in the piece, this $1 per image per year, only starts to become a reality when you have something like 10,000+ images up for sale.

Its a long haul business and should be approached as such.

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Unfortunately the editing and managing is far more time consuming (and far less interesting) than the shooting. Its about 10% pressing the shutter, and the rest sorting it all out.

I have a photoshop action which adjusts the levels of each file to 5 > 250. I just press a function key and it does it. I also have raw processing presets in ACR which give the file more "headroom".

I use Photoshop for everything. I've got a lot of automation set up, again lots of pre-recorded actions.

I'm working on one of the new MacPro i7 laptops, which is blindingly fast and I can use anywhere. I also have a seperate somewhat aging aging MacPro tower which I use for bulk uploading and which has 8TB of internal hard disks for storage.

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