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On article Canon offers EOS 5D Mark III firmware v1.1.2 (26 comments in total)

Hi everyone, I have lurked on this forum for years but have posted few comments. I own a 1D iV and a 5D iii, My partner now ownes a 5d iii (She sold her Mk iV after using my 5d iii for a week). Previously we both owned a 1D Mk iii and 5d Mk i each. She is a pro photographer, shooting weddings, portraits and wildlife whereas I am an amateur. I started shooting 20 years ago and still own a pair of Nikkormat FTn bodies.

Both of our 5D iiis are in the serial number range that Canon confirm are affected by the 'light leak issue'. Both of us have taken thousands of shots with our 5Ds, and neither of us have experienced exposure issues (Perhaps because we take photos under real world situations, with our lens caps off?)

Frankly I'm only posting this because EVERY SINGLE 5d iii thread I see these days is infected with the "LIGHT LEAK OMG EPIC FAIL!!!!!" brigade, and I'm getting bored with it.

To the whiners, why not actually try hiring the camera for a couple of days?

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