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On article Nikon Z fc Review (2140 comments in total)
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BillGarrett: Beautiful retro styling, though why not design it with a good handgrip? And why iterate another DX body when there's such a paucity of lenses? I left Nikon DX in frustration over limited lens selection years ago to go Fuji. If I ever return to Nikon it's FX or nothing.

I used the original FE, FE2, FM and FM2 and managed to hold them just fine. Grips look ugly, that's why retro cameras like the Fujifilm X-T series have smaller but functional grips. I would not buy an ugly camera, of which there are many on the market. Very few truly gorgeous designs on the market.

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Michael Piziak: I wonder how many, into phography, really care about video.

I've been a stills photographer ever since the film days before auto-focus, and recently I've seen the power of video to communicate a message. Now video has become my overwhelming preoccupation. At first, it seemed like a totally different planet with terminology I had no idea. Moreover, it requires learning a completely new skill of video editing. It felt like a massive learning curve. Some people are not willing to try that because of the discomfort of leaving their comfort zone. Imagine. We are at the brink of a new technological dawn where, for the first time, the tools to create and publish videos for the whole world to see have, within a few years, entered the hands of enthusiasts. And yet, there are some who are slow or reticent to even tip their toes in this brave new world. Perhaps it'll take the new generation who grew up with video - those who don't even know a world without internet video.

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chadley_chad: Thank god this isn’t the Daily Mail .... a product called Black Magic ... you’d have all the woke on here calling it racist and demanding the white privileged software engineers be fired! Sad world!

Speaking as a non-white, I've lived by Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" - and believe it is the gold standard. The Left is re-defining MKL's words to take it in a direction MLK never intended.

Speaking as a non-white, I want a society where people are color-blind. The Left is making society more color-conscious. The Left is taking society to the opposite extreme of what it used to be, but an extreme nevertheless.

Speaking as a non-white, I stand for MLK's "I have a dream" as how that older generation interpreted MLK's words, not as the new Leftist generation re-defines MLK's words.

Speaking as a non-white, I want a future society where ANY racism is labelled as racism, not just racism done by the other camp.

Speaking as a non-white, I want a society where people will criticism the racism done by their own tribe, just as much as they criticise the racism done by the opposite tribe.

Speaking as a non-white, it is self-evident that anti-white is just as bad as anti-black.

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Horshack: To Premiere users: Try Resolve for a full month and see if you ever want to go back to Premiere. Blackmagic offers a free version that's nearly feature-complete, so it wont cost you anything to try except your time and some discomfort learning a new NLE. Trust me it's worth it.

After nearly 2 years of leaning Resolve, I found that the massive learning curve has to do with the Fusion tab for creating motion graphics and special effects (similar to Adobe After Effects). The actual editing tab I got a grasp of in a few days. The Color tab and Audio tab (Fairlight) have high learning curves. On youtube there is a good contingent of people making tutorials on Davinci Resolve.

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chadley_chad: Thank god this isn’t the Daily Mail .... a product called Black Magic ... you’d have all the woke on here calling it racist and demanding the white privileged software engineers be fired! Sad world!

In defence of @chadly_chad, I don't think Chad is saying that the name "Black Magic Design" is racist - but that he is commenting on the prevalence of such attitudes in society.

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Mister Joseph: Nice. My problem though is it's still much nicer to edit on my PC's 30" 1440p screen than my tiny Macbook Air M1, same with Photoshop, especially that I'm always home.

I have 43" 4K screen attached to Mac Mini M1 via HDMI port. (People have reported problems attaching external monitors to M1 running macOS Big Sur, so I've kept with version 11.1 on which I've not seen that problem).

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(unknown member): "Why can't they have just done a free firmware update? (Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, etc.) have done that/would do that."

So, Canon is to add eye detect, touch-screen focus assist, YouTube live streaming ability, and a bunch of small refinements (brand-new features) for FREE on their M50. Yeah, all those software and electronics engineers Canon employs can "just" design and update stuff without being paid, It's super cheap to do anyway, right?

Ever notice how ALL camera makers usually don't offer many FREE firmware adjustments on lower-priced models. Ponder the reason why. Hint: profitability.

No doubt expensive, top-of-the-line camera models from all makers have "FREE" firmware updates figured into the list price. Ponder the reason why. Hint: profitability.

Next time you drive up to get a hamburger, tell them you already paid for the first one, so all the the next ones should be free, too - but with bacon added. See if that works.

Fujifilm has given some very good new features via firmware. A few days ago, it was announced that the older Fujifilm X-T3 will be getting the updated focusing of the newer X-T4 models.

My own X-T2 was given faster focusing via firmware.

Fujifilm has a reputation for updating its cameras via firmware with new and better features that aren't dependent on hardware.

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This brings back memories from the 1980's when I had a full wet darkroom setup. I don't miss those days of having to breathe in the chemical vapors from the developer and fixer. Back then I was a disciple of Fred Picker and Ansel Adams, and much of the principles I've been able to translate into digital processing.

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Is this a good camera to get for future-proofing? ;)

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Space the final frontier: Sure, not the most exciting announcement. I don't expect much from any camera manufacturer anyway. On the other hand, it is a strong indication that development has reached a fairly matured state. Whatever camera you have should be good for a long, long time. Incremental improvement possible, but nothing groundbreaking. Now, that is a good thing in my book, probably a bad sign for manufacturers.

Not all manufacturers have perfected or even implemented IBIS. And this high-res for hand-held shots is very interesting to me, rather than the more regular attention paid to high-speed focusing. This is particularly interesting to photographers who do more static subjects like landscape.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1719 comments in total)

I've always kept in mind Olympus for future years in case I need lighter gear, but this EM1 Mark III does not attract me. Its body weighs 580 grams which is heavier than the Fujifilm X-T3's 539 grams. Sure, one can argue M43 lenses are smaller and lighter, but if I'm wanting a light combination, I'd go for the 383 gram Fujifilm X-T30 and that gives 200 grams head start on the added lens. So, if my criteria is overall weight saving, I don't see this M43 as an attraction.

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mdb1974: IBIS has become a back and forth on several comments but I've never felt the need for stabilization on a lens this wide. It does feel like a spec based criticism as opposed to a real world factor.

@matt, if Fuji put IBIS or in-lens stablization into the X100V, it wouldn't have much left to add in the next version. As you can see, Fuji is now making "improvements" by REMOVING features. e.g. removing the buttons of the D-Pad from the X-100V and from the X-Pro3. You can be sure that in future versions, when Fuji adds those features back, they'll tout it as improvements. For example, when Apple removed a functional keyboard from the MacBook Pros, and then 3-4 years later it adds back a keyboard in the 2020 version, they tout it as an improvement. Never will a corporation admit that the removal of a good feature is great thing.

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aldissimo90: I don't understand ibis. People never needed ibis, they just see it somewhere else and now complain that is not here. I usually shot on film camera, so ibis for me is non sense. This camera is perfect, is a big upgrade over the previous one I think and I will most likely buy it.

You said you didn't understand why IBIS was needed, so I'll explain. Years ago, I heard the advice from a landscape photographer: take photos when most people don't. Most people take photos with good lighting, in sunshine, and so when you take photos when most people do, you get photos like most people do. I personally take a lot of photos in low light, often 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15 - and those photos can turn out ok with stabilization, whether IBIS or in-lens. Sure, not everyone takes photos in low light. Some people take tripods everywhere they go. Some people take mostly action. But for low light photography for static subjects, IBIS or in-lens stabilization is amazing. I don't expect everyone to understand that, since most people take photos that most people take - but we can't assume that everyone takes such photos that everyone takes.

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Without stablization, not interested. The Sony RX100, Ricoh GR3 and Leica Q2 all have lens stabilization.

If you're one of those that don't need stabilization, obviously you don't shoot the same way I do. But just because you don't need stablization does not mean other's don't. If you don't need stablization, why not discard autofocus and auto exposure. I've lived without all of these for decades, and many great photos have been taken without autofocus and auto exposure. So it is foolish to try that argument. This is the year 2020.

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StoneJack: I don't know who in their right mind would recommend Resolve for beginners?

I came to Davinci Resolve and Fusion as a total beginner. My only prior experience in video editing was attending a workshop on iMovie. As I started to learn Davinci, I was in a fog of confusion for months, but I wanted to stick with Davinci for its capabilities. Eventually, after seeing many youtube tutorials, I'm starting to get a handle on it.

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I've used Davinci Resolve so far for about 8 months, and am so grateful that Blackmagic Design made available this free software of such tremendous capability. I came with no experience in video editing. I found it quite easy to learn the basic edit tab. But I struggled big time with the Fusion tab for special effects that I particularly want to make. Remember, the Fusion and Color-editing functions are used by Hollywood for major productions. So this is a difficult software to grasp if you're a beginner. There are lots of tutorials on youtube just by searching "davinci resolve" or "davinci fusion". Note that you will need 32GB RAM or more for complex Fusion work. From version 15, Fusion was integrated into Davinci Resolve, but earlier Fusion tutorials can be used to glean the principles.

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The aura of Zenit cameras is cheap Russian rip-offs of German cameras. Who would be $6K for a Zenit? If it were the same price as a Fujifilm X-T3, it would be an interesting option. For that price, you can get into Fuji's medium format cameras.

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In 3 years time, the X-Pro4 with IBIS will be brilliant with shooting with Fuji's prime lenses, with the added benefit of stabilisation.

Right now, I'll enjoy my existing 2 year old mirrorless camera, which takes superb photos, and wait for Fuji to catch up with miniaturising their IBIS technology.

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marc petzold: I'd like to mention here, *if* Nikon would do someday a cheaper Nikon Z-6 Alternative, say exactly a Canon EOS RP Competitor - *this* Body is exactly, what they've need to-do ! ;-)

All the R&D is being done, thanks to Z-Mount, they just need to slap into the Z-6 FF Sensor, and voila, enter the Nikon Z-5, with *much* better Design, Ergonomics, and compared to the EOS RP with (albeit not Z6/Z7 Level due to built in flash) at least some kind of weather sealing, period.

With a Fullframe Sensor, Nikon could charge 1199-1299 for this Body, and overnight, this Design would make even much more sense, than with the DX Sensor Z-50!

I do really like the ergonomics, alu-magnesium build of this little DSLM (The EOS RP in contrast - doesn't feature 1) weather sealing 2) al-mg built quality)

Look at the Picture, it seems to already being prepared to cover the bigger FF Sensor inside.

Come on Nikon, release a Nikon Z-5 with this Body and 24 MP Fullframe Sensor!

A fine Weekend, and Good Light!

That would be amazing.

The problem is, I can't see Nikon fitting in IBIS in the smaller body. The FF lenses do not have stabilisation since there is IBIS. But if a FF sensor is added to this smaller body, we'd effectively be using the Z lenses without any in-lens or in-body stabilisation.

But if stabilisation can be added somehow, then a small FF body would be ideal!

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On article Nikon Z 24mm F1.8 S to ship in October for $1000 (342 comments in total)
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nandbytes: I have been on side of Nikon so far but why is this lens so big?

I'm no optical engineer, but my simplistic thinking assumes that the Sony lens mount diameter is smaller than the Z mount diameter. For a given focal length, I assume the length of the lens will roughly be the same. Therefore, with roughly equal length, the smaller Sony mount will result in smaller lenses than the larger Z mount.

I'm open to being corrected since this is not my field of expertise.

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