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Peiasdf: Why aren't there any special edition SONY, Panasonic, Nikon, Canon? Oh right, because those cameras are sold on functionality, not hipster appeal.

A photographer who doesn't see value in beautiful things.. sounds like a real artist in the making.

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Michiel953: Just a question: why would anyone get the Pen F (with a say 35/40mm ff eq prime) over an X-E2?

Well, there are obviously a lot of reasons (also mentioned in some other replies). I'll add one major one: IBIS. Everyone gets to decide what it is worth for them but me personally, I'm not buying a camera without it anymore.

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beavertown: How come Canon's bodies look very pleasing while Nikon's very ugly?

I find neither of the styles pleasing. Canons have that slumped shoulders-look which is quite unappealing.

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His attitude certainly invites flaming. However, false sense of security ought to be pointed out. If some individuals find out that certain bike locks can be opened with a pen (actually happened) I'd much rather learn about this and take necessary steps to prevent easy theft of my bike, therefore I wouldn't "shoot the messenger".

Protection of the photos is inadequate (if you don't want people to get them for free) and should be fixed. If something like disabling javascript and a few photoshop tricks is all that is required, don't blame the one who says it aloud.

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Pat Cullinan Jr: Thou shalt not steal.


It's not okay to steal regardless of what imaginary beings tell people.

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On article Olympus Stylus 1 First Impressions Review (327 comments in total)

What's with the 'superzoom' complainers? Standard zooms have been and probably will be in the 2.5x - 5x range. DSLR superzooms are at 10-15x range. 10x has been a 'superzoom' for years and will be no matter how many 50x 'ridiculous ultra-zooms' manufacturers release.

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I'd consider buying if they had IBIS. It really makes no sense shaving off a few grams and millimeters from the body when the lenses are going to be big anyway. Olympus has shown what can be done with IBIS (the e-m1 results look incredible). Also, you can upgrade the stabilization of all of your lenses by purchasing a new body. I like that.

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I would've liked to see an articulated screen at last but maybe I'm not in their target group then.

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T3: Regarding piracy, I think the best way to decrease piracy is to *decrease* the price of your product, rather than *increasing* it. It's like music. Now that music is only 99 cents a song, people buy songs all the time now. Make it easy and cheap, and people will buy. Sure beats paying $18 at the music store for a whole CD album just to have a couple songs that you actually like. The cost of buying CDs were so high, people opted to pirate songs. Likewise, if Adobe didn't charge such an exorbitant amount for Photoshop, more people would be able to afford it, and fewer people would resort to piracy. But Adobe just doesn't get it. Now with this cloud strategy, it's just going to drive more people way, but this time it'll drive them towards other competing products.

Any studies to back that up? I used to download music, because it's just so convenient. Now that, finally, the legal alternatives are up to the snuff, I pay for the music I listen to.

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Dazed and Confused: "With an image open, Ubuntu seems to host additional apps [....] You can see the icon for the popular Gimp software as well as two other icons that I did not recognize."

The orange fin is the Grooveshark logo - a music app. So I'm not so sure it's the picture editing app that you think it could be.

The logo left of the Grooveshark logo looks an awfully lot like the Gimp icon to me (

I'm very interested in seeing how these devices perform.

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Marty4650: I think lots of folks are missing the point.

Some folks will whine no mater what Olympus and Panasonic do. Either they whine about "not enough high end lenses" or they whine about "the high end lenses cost too much."

Absolutely no one sells their best lenses for bargain prices.

These high end weather sealed expensive M4/3 lenses aren't for everyone. They just help round out a system so it can have broader appeal.

Ask yourself... is M4/3 better off with or without these options for users who want them? If you want the best value, they just buy mid range camera with a two lens kit. These lenses aren't made for value based buyers, they are made for users who need the capabilities and are willing to pay for them.

If these lenses are too expensive for you, then you still have 35 other native M4/3 lenses you can use.

Lets see if Sony NEX, Samsung NX, Fuji X, Canon M, Pentax Q or Nikon 1 can do that.

@EinsteinsGhost you mean the Olympus 150mm f2 one? Yeah I would get that if I needed.


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dylanbarnhart: This camera is what will kill the phone. Yes I said phone.

People will eventually realize that there's no need to pay for voice minutes when Internet already allows voice too, via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps like Skype, not to mention video chat.

Yes I know tablets already do that, but they are too large to carry around. It's also less weird to talk to the cameraphone than to a tablet.

Wireless carriers usually don't like selling a VoIP cellphone, because they want to charge people twice, once for voice and another for internet. But adding a camera to the device makes a perfect excuse for not requiring monthly voice charge. Eventually this will catch on and becomes the cheapest way to own a Galaxy SIII phone, whether the camera functionality is needed or not.

Well, in Finland for 5€ ($6.3) / month you get unlimited amount of data. For unlimited speed you have to pay around 14€ (~$17).

I don't know about the other corners of the world but even the higher price would buy me only around 200 minutes of normal calls. So for 14€/mo I get something like 8/2M broadband for my phone (that's in real usage, don't remember what they promise), unlimited surfing/voip+video calls.

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Alan Brown: was it a Billion dollars to send this to Mars? (vaguely remember this figure in a news broadcast.. might be a whole lot more. )

Great inovations and technical skills to get it there .. no doubt abut that. But you can't walk here on Earth in the daytime and feel 100% safe.

begs the question....

Just get a spiffy super-safe treadmill and you can walk safely all you want.

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Reg Natarajan: I love the images, but I need Android. Hopefully Samsung and Sony will step up.

@Tadeusz60: I can say all of those about every phone platform and manufacturer. They're hurting environment and someone's trying to get their grubby hands on your money.

Why people like or even "need" android? Because it makes their life easier. I need Gotomeeting on my phone because that's company's conferencing software of choice. I want the mobile banking app, remote control of my entertainment center, I want a good browser, webgl support. I would like good integration with google contracts, calendar, etc. And I want to write my own programs for it, no dev tools for linux. I want to be able to tinker around.

Some people use their phones for a helluva lot things and like to keep it that way.

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If it's possible to this camera's microphone from Android, you should be able to install Skype on this and make phone calls too.

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This photo invokes a mysterious mood. Makes me wonder what might lie ahead.

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Makes me wish I was there.

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On photo Devil's fist destroys a lost soul in MPM1's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Poor patch of grass, it has no chances. :)

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