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USB: Full < Hi < Super
HD: Full < Ultra
I suppose 'Hi' was already in the acronym. Will Super be higher res than Ultra, then?

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How can we be sure these weren't taken with, say, a Nokia Lumia 920?

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tkbslc: why is one upside down. Makes it hard to do a side by side.

That's part of the comparison. One phone takes upside down pictures. Buy if if that's what you want.

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CameraLabTester: The Hong Kong holiday is a pinch of salt to the enormous humongous gazillion pictures buffet feast Wiki is gonna amass as a windfall...

Talk about disparity to the extremes...

Yet like zombies, contestants all go like lemmings over the cliff.


Where's the 'Curmudgeon' button?

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On the subject of backups, please make sure you include your Lightroom catalogue[s] in your backups. Even if you're writing edits to file metadata, you really don't want to lose your collections.

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The article implies that the author immediately formats the card after import. Please don't do this.

After import, I set cards to read-only and put them in a specific place. Only after I've seen that the on-site backup and both off-site backups are complete do I enable writes on the card and format it.

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keeponkeepingon: I'm confused as to why you would use a one star rating instead of tagging each photo as a "PICK".

With the one star rating your are basically applying not necessarily true info that may "bite you in the behind" later if you don't get around to applying a correct star rating. Example scenario: you never finish processing a batch of photos further than one starring all of your great stuff. Then four years later in a fit of digital decluttering you delete all of those horrible one star pictures. Far fetched? Maybe.

The other reason to use Pick versus one starring is that it is faster because I can use one key to pick/unpick. With the star rating I need to hit 1 to pick then use my other hand to hit zero to unstar the picture. With the ' key (the tilde key un shifted) I can pick and un pick using one key. Perhaps this behavior has changed in LR 4 (I'm still on 3).

Yes I go through and pick, then filter so I only see the picked and add these to a collection. The rest just stay in the archive and are rarely returned to.

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"... once the cloud computing era truly dawns, a non-connected device will be meaningless"

Oh no :(

*tosses DSLR in bin*

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I'm waiting for the 10001

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