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On article Photographer captures concert with DSLR-mounted GoPro (76 comments in total)

Fun to watch, thanks!

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madeinlisboa: Really need it? Pretend to be photographers need Photoshop to enhance, mask and fix the bad photographers they are. PS is for professionals who do intensive skin retouch (there are other very good programs though) or for artists. Even HDR can be done in much better dedicated software.
I work 99% of my photos in CaptureNX with Nik Color Efex. Panoramas and HDR are created with dedicated software and the images are finalized back in CaptureNX.

Nikon ought wake up and take advantage of this lame move from Adobe by updating their amazing software (does Adobe really think they can avoid piracy? How naive can they be?)

If they kill piracy they will wither i think. I own a legal copy of CS5 Creative Suite, but as a teacher i see my students bringing in pirated versions en masse. Im thinking its been helping Adobe keeping their spot as a de facto standard.

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Zvonimir Tosic: Years ago world had The Britannica, based on subscriptions and outright purchase, and now we also have Wiki, the free encyclopaedia, supported by donations. We had expensive system software, servers, web servers, CMSes, paid by license, subscriptions, number of seats, terminals, whatnot, but society also developed more than an adequate number of free and opensource substitutes for it. Then MS Office, once uber-expensive, now with several free substitutes for it. Etc. Perhaps it is time for us in the age of digital cameras to have a robust imaging solution, which we'll own, vote for, and support voluntarily with donations. Like that, I bet that new cameras would be supported within days since the announcement, and not after months and months, waiting for some manager's approval.

I don't think GIMP is the way either, its just too unstable. I even like better.

OSX users have a couple of clear alternatives to PS, such as Pixelmator and Acorn 4. I consider Aperture and Acorn 4 worth a try anyway.

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