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mpb002: It is not just about the camera. It is also the camera ecosystem. Nikon can't match the color rendition of a Nikon/Sony sensor. Even more, Canon lenses are unmatched. Why do you think more photojournalists and sports shooters still use Canon? If it was all about dymamic range, you would see more Canon users switch. Good photographers know its more than a cameras sensor that produces and great photo.

the reason more photojournalists and sports shooters still use canon is simply because once you follow the path of a specific ecosystem its hard and super expensive to switch for relatively little gain when you look at it strictly by the numbers. Canon had a big head start years ago with sports and wildlife for their AF system and because they marketed the hell out of it. Since then Nikon has been playing catchup but its in no way related to quality. Nikon can compete with canon on any front.

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2112 comments in total)
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yoms: @DPReview team, thanks for this analysis :) Appreciated.

To my opinion Nikon's real issue isn't OSPDAF but their lenses.
- Wide-angle zooms are old and not performing so well, no16-35mm f/2.8,
- Primes... 35mm f/1.4 has not been updated as Canon did after Sigma released their first Art. Was it really more important to release a nice 28mm before the so frequently used 35mm?
- New 24-70mm being a lesser performer than the former one, 24-120 f/4... no comment,
- Etc.

Now they do have nice f/1.8 lenses. The new 105mm f/1.4 and the latest 70-200mm performs admirably despite steep prices. Well all that doesn't make a great lineup to my opinion.

In a perfect world we would have Canon's L glass for Nikon mount :-)

For people not tied to a brand, It's not about Canon 5D IV vs Nikon D850 (Nikon wins this one, period) nor is it about Canon glass vs Nikon glass (Canon wins this one, period). The real battle is Canon lenses vs Nikon D850. And well, I'm clueless as for this...

Here is how you decide then. Get the D850 and then get some of the generation 2 tamron glass. Seriously i have the 15-30 tamron and the 70-200 g2 and they are incredible lenses. I would even argue better than their Nikon equivalent. Tamron has been on a roll lately and really upped their quality as well.

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